Polidaş started to work on production of polyethylene tanks and marketing since 1997. Polidas brand became operational in Pinarbasi. Also Polidaş locates on 23,500 m2 areas with headquarters and branch factories. Use Rotation and the technological automation machinery manufacturers forbest and highest quality raw materials from abroad. Raw materials are U.V stabilized (LLDPE) linear low density polyethylene and supplied from petrochemical giants from all over the world.

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Ankara Asfaltı 27. Km (Ege Seramik Karşısı) , Kemalpaşa , İZMİR Turkey

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Water and Wastewater - Water Storage
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

Polidaş continues its production activities with experienced staff and R & D units in food, chemical, textile and agricultural sectors.

With rising products range and decades of experience from Polyethylene, the manufacturing is formed with Water Tanks, Chemical Tanks, Silos, Food Tanks, Textile Trolleys, Floating Systems and Agricultural Chemical Tanks.

Use different polyethylene processing technology to have better mold design and manufacturing with lower costs. Polidaş thanks to flexible manufacturing techniques to respond quickly and cost-effectively into any kind of request.

Polidaş products have belowdocuments about food sector:

  • No.432  REPUBLIC OF TURKİSH FOOD CODEX Health Ministry allowed a certificate of conformity.
  • G 35-1297-G-0001 production certificate to businesses producing food by  Izmir Governorship AGRİCULTURAL dİRECTİORATEProvincial Directorate of Agriculture this certificate is a kind of permit for production about food  
  • Ege University, Faculty of Agriculture report No: 1468 of 1998 the agricultural machinery

Polidas Company combine the polyethylene usage techniques with18 years experience, this create easy integration to domestic and international markets.

POLİDAŞ support the production of polyethylene for industries from all over the world because it is so ergonomic.

Aims at produce most polyethylene with expanding the product range to be working most of polyethylene,

We support our customers' wishes and ideas into policy evaluation and by applying quality. We offer our clients the best.

Also Polidaş R&G department can mold new design with fast, high-quality and provide sales and after-sales technical support according to customer demands.

Not only to increase product variety, Polidaş share relevant information on innovative production and experience with customers first.