Polimaster Ltd.

Polimaster Ltd. Applications

  • Homeland security - Monitoring and Testing

    Homeland security

    Polimaster provides highly reliable equipment to meet the standards of military and homeland security stakeholders. These extremely resistant and sensitive devices are designed to prevent illicit trafficking of radioactive and nuclear materials across state borders, provide emergency response, and ensure security of critical infrastructure and public events in hash operation environments.

  • Oil, gas & mining - Oil, Gas & Refineries

    Oil, gas & mining

    Polimaster produces reliable equipment to accomplish multiple tasks on prevention of radiation accidents during mining works, inspection of raw materials and soil, creation of proper operating conditions, protection of employees and the environment from radiation hazards.

  • Industrial safety - Health and Safety

    Industrial safety

    Polimaster provides effective solutions for inspection of raw materials and waste, control of personnel exposure, internal control of IR source, and other demanding radiation measurement challenges.

  • Medical - Monitoring and Testing - Laboratory Equipment


    Polimaster dosimeters are designed to ensure safety of medical personnel by providing accurate measurement of accumulated dose and recognizable alarms at threshold excess as well as maintaining the history of alarm events. Small dimensions, light weight, and user-friendly interface make the devices pleasurable to use.

  • Environmental radiation monitoring - Monitoring and Testing - Environmental Monitoring

    Environmental radiation monitoring

    Polimaster provides solutions for real-time detection of radioactive and nuclear threats within restricted areas, combating illicit trafficking and inappropriate handling of radioactive materials, prevention of radiation accidents and mitigating the accident consequences, radiation safety assurance during public events, live radiation monitoring of vast areas.