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  • Service & Support

    Service & Support

    Pollution’s distinctive characteristic is to be able, thanks to an organization both agile and flexible but also well present in the whole Italian territory, to satisfy two not easily matching needs for the world’s producer companies: to supply an excellent level of service on the field, and at the same time not risk on onerous and less flexible investments in a service proprietary structure.

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  • Instrument-Rental Services

    Instrument-Rental Services

    We have an instrument rental program for Eurepean customers. This is an effective alternative when the instrument is needed only for a short period of time. This might be the case for example in research projects where buing an istrument wouldn't make sense or funding cannot be received for buying instruments.

  • Measurement services

    Measurement services

    Gasera offers measurement services for customer needs in the field of gas analysis and solid or liquid sample analysis. Our application development laboratory and the future technologies under development offer the unique possibility for analysis services that might not be possible with off the shelf equipment. If you have an unsolved measurement problem, don't hesitate to contact Gasera and let us give it a try.