Poplar Solutions is a privately held Pennsylvania LLC formed in 2010 with offices in Reading, Pennsylvania and Copenhagen, Denmark. The core team is a seasoned group of software development and compliance experts who have been on developing solutions for regulated industries such as laboratories, banks and government agencies and for more than a decade. Poplar Solutions’ mission is simple: to improve productivity, efficiency and regulatory compliance for our customers through automated software solutions and to reduce the environmental impact of business by eliminating paper-based processes. The result is the Labcore Framework and while it’s features and functions could be used in many industries we have chosen to focus on laboratories and deliver the very best product in that industry.

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P.O. Box 221 , Mohnton , Pennsylvania 19540 USA

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Software vendor
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Environmental - Environmental Management
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Internationally (various countries)
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Labcore (a division of Poplar Solutions, LLC) with offices in Reading, Pennsylvania and Copenhagen, Denmark has been on the leading edge of managing document and data for laboratories since 2005 and has been innovator in the use of content and document management systems designed to improve compliance, productivity and profitability.

Labcore makes laboratories and life science organizations more efficient and improves revenue cycles through automation. Taking manual tasks and automating them and taking disparate system and data islands and integrating using a flexible workflow engine. We also reduce their regulatory risks as our product framework has very strong document controls that track all document and activities in the lab. We also allow rapid retrieval of all laboratories records through strong search capabilities.

Labcore sets itself apart from the competition with its customer focus, laboratory domain knowledge, and technical acumen. Dedication to building long-term relationships and determination to go the extra mile in service has played a large role in its success.