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  • Life Cycle Assessment

    Life Cycle Assessment

    The goal of a life cycle assessment (LCA) is to provide decision makers with the knowledge to assess, improve and manage their products and services.

  • Life Cycle Management

    Life Cycle Management

    Global businesses are using life cycle management (LCM) to reduce their carbon, material and water footprints, as well as to improve the social and economic performance of their products and services.

  • Sustainability Reporting Program

    Sustainability Reporting Program

    The market tends to reward organizations that embrace transparency and sustainability. Sustainability Reporting is an essential tool for organizations to embed sustainability in their daily operations, make it measurable, and communicate a sustainability strategy to multiple stakeholders. It provides many benefits such as:

  • Sustainability Performance Indicators

    Sustainability Performance Indicators

    The challenge many companies face is to condense large amounts of environmental, economic and social information into a limited number of key indicators.

  • Carbon Footprint

    Carbon Footprint

    A carbon footprint is based on a life cycle assessment (LCA) but focuses on a single issue which is climate change.

  • Water Footprint

    Water Footprint

    A product or corporate water footprint is the first step towards identifying the processes and activities which significantly influence your company’s water consumption.

  • Ecodesign Service

    Ecodesign Service

    Design for Environment (DfE) or Ecodesign uses life cycle thinking to develop and assess different design options.