Precision Sampling Inc.

Precision Sampling Inc.

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  • Drilling and Sampling Services

    Drilling and Sampling Services

    Environmental Drilling Soil Boring & Sampling,Monitoring Wells,Vapor Extraction Wells,Air Sparge Wells,Well Development,Well Abandonment, Cathodic Protection Well,Soil Gas Sampling

  • Grouting Services

    Grouting Services

    Grouting operations are performed to seal, strengthen or consolidate rock and soil.When drilling grout holes, rotary drilling and percussive drilling are the most commonly used methods. In tunnels, gallery grouting is made in fan patterns to strengthen the lining of the excavation.Jet grouting is a method to reinforce the ground by pumping in cement into the soil at high pressure with the purpose to build either cement columns or totally consolidate...

  • Inspections and Hazardous Waste Services

    Inspections and Hazardous Waste Services

    Workplace inspections, conducted by our certified HSOs, must occur at project commencement at all jobsites and on a weekly basis for longer-term projects. All worksite inspections are documented for inclusion in the project records. The inspections are revised and updated to current customer, Federal, Sate and local requirements and include PSI standard housekeeping, tailgate meetings, employee training, employee exposure monitoring, project...

  • Injury and Illness Monitoring Services

    Injury and Illness Monitoring Services

    PSI’s behavioral-based Health and Safety program is proactive; the intent is to conduct each movement and action in such a way as to prevent accidents and to mitigate the effects of an accident should it occur. The accident and illness prevention practices are found throughout our organization, and are supplemented by site-specific Health and Safety plans.