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  • Lab Testing Services

    Lab Testing Services

    Will the Prime Rotary Fan Press meet your dewatering requirements? Find out before you make a capital investment. Our no-cost on-site wet lab can determine the effectiveness of the Prime Rotary Fan Press on different applications. Fill out the Sample Lab Data Form.

  • On-Site Pilots Services

    On-Site Pilots Services

    After we’ve determined the effectiveness of the Prime Rotary Fan Press on your particular application, the next step is to see it in operation at your facility. Prime Solution will bring our mobile trailer to your facility for a demonstration of its functionality, and perform free lab testing to achieve the highest cake solids possible, matching the right equipment to your application to maximize dewatering results.

  • Polymer Sales Services

    Polymer Sales Services

    It takes more than equipment to achieve the highest percentages. It also required optimal flocculation for desired results. We recommend adding our PRIMEFLOC POLYMERS to the sludge or slurry. PRIMEFLOC not only increases the solids capture and the resultant dry solids, but will also increase the throughput capacity of the system used for the liquid/solid separation.