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  • Primozone  - Model GM Series - Ozone Generators

    Primozone - Model GM Series - Ozone Generators

    The Primozone ozone generators are suitable for water treatment processes in many different industries. They are produced to optimize ozone production while reducing energy consumption and saving physical space. The Primozone ozone generator is a complete system that is easy to install and operate.

  • Primozone - System Controller

    Primozone - System Controller

    The Primozone System Controller is a sophisticated control unit that allows for safety, monitoring and control of the complete Primozone Ozone Water Treatment System. The system controller can be connected to external control systems and is very flexible.

  • Primozone - Model SM series - Complete and Turn-key Ozone Systems

    Primozone - Model SM series - Complete and Turn-key Ozone Systems

    The Primozone SM-series offer complete ozone systems for indoor or outdoor installations The Primozone SM-series are complete ozone generation systems that include oxygen concentration and the Primozone ozone generation technology. They can be built to fit with different capacity depending on customer needs. Small indoor systems for pilot tests or containerized outdoor ozone systems, either way the SM-series are complete plug and play ozone system.

  • Primozone - Backflow Protector

    Primozone - Backflow Protector

    Intelligent backflow device for protection of ozone installations. Protecting your ozone equipment from back flowing water is a simple and cost effective way of ensuring up-time and problem free operations of an ozone installation. The Primozone BFP is an intelligent solution with automatic control of both water detection and shut-off.