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Pro-ROV Services

Pro-ROV Services

Pro Rov Services specializes in Underwater Imaging, Survey and Inspection solutions for Infrastructure, Science and Government. Our focus is determining the correct equipment and techniques for lowering of costs and risks to personnel and clients to accomplish underwater tasks in a variety of enviornments while providing the best results to our clients through the use of ROV`s (Romotely operated Vehicles), AUVs (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles), Vessel based sensors and other technical solutions.

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7514 Girard Avenue #1-740 , San Deigo , California 92037 USA
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Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Soil and Groundwater
Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)


At Pro-ROV Services, our objective is to perform a variety of underwater inspection, investigation and survey services in order to assess the places and things that are too dangerous, too expensive, inaccessible or imperceptible by divers. Drawing upon years of experience conducting marine operations, Pro-ROV Services can deliver services such as video inspections, hydrographic surveys, side scan, 2D & 3D and scanning sonar surveys, 3D Photogrammetry surveys, marine magnetometer surveys, bottom sampling, insurance inspection and recovery, engineering design, construction projects, as well as specific technical products. These services and products create significant value added management solutions to help waterfront, marine, engineering, scientific, government and military clients better manage their resources.

We specialize in collecting, processing, and interpreting data collected through the use of ROV's, AUVs and top side vessels using a variety of remote sensing, sampling, laser, sonar, and video investigation techniques. With the equipment sending data topside allows operators, supervisors, engineers, scientists, technicians and clients to observe work being done side by side with the pilot and observing data collection in real time.

Pro Rov Services uses the observation class SeaBotix mini ROV LBV 200L, 300 and customized Ions distance ROV's, as well as other technolo$ical solutions including Imaging, Navigational, Pipe Profiling and Multibeam 2D & 3D Sonars, Cathodic potential probes, Digital Hydrophones, Underwater Video Cameras, Video Enhancement Systems, 3D Photogrammetry measuring and modeling, and other sensor platforms to properly complete the tasks at hand. AUV's are now a proven tool with many applications for both offshore or inshore for Dam and Resevoir inspections where depth and distance are considerations.

Insurance is of course a concern for all parties involved. Pro Rov Services has $1 million General Liability policy with $1 million umbrella for a total of $2 million aggregate. Auto Insurance is also covered with a standard $2 million Property Damage and Bodily Injury policy. Additional insurance can be added if the situation dictates additional coverage.

Mark Stepanek has over 15 years in the diving and marine technology industries. As the ROV Pilot/Operator, Mark Stepanek is knowledgeable in the marine operations to support diving operations, video, sonar & 3D Photogrammetry inspections, engineering design and construction projects. His experience includes the use of various sonars, video enhancement, bathymetric surveys and various techniques for performing subsurface investigations and underwater searches.

Associates and sub contractors for Pro ROV Services have extensive knowledge and experience within the wide range of marine technical products and services. Product knowledge directly supports oceanographic researchers, commercial markets, military and scientific divers, hydrographic surveyors, environmental engineers, defense contractors, and the offshore industry.

Pro ROV Services and Mark Stepanek have completed the following courses and carry the following certifications:

  • Post Emersency Spilled Oil Cleanup
  • OSHA 10 Hour Construction Safety Trainins Program
  • Cal OSHA Fall Protection