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  • EHS Audits and Inspections Software

    EHS Audits and Inspections Software

    Capture and analyze performance data straight from SharePoint with Pro-Sapien's EHS Audits & Inspections software. A big part of the EHS manager’s job is to ensure organizational compliance. Performing regulator inspections of the workplace can identify potential hazards or noncompliance issues that can be solved to prevent incident, whilst audits evaluate the effectiveness of safety practice - two processes made significantly more efficient...

  • EHSQ Document Management Software

    EHSQ Document Management Software

    Stay on top of all EHSQ documentation with version control, review schedules, configured views and a full audit trail. Manage all EHSQ documentation straight from SharePoint with Pro-Sapien's configurable, integrated Document Management Software. EHSQ management involves maintaining up to date documentation around corporate policies, training, safety data sheets (SDS), work procedures and more. In enterprises, this complex information is crucial...

  • Environmental Management Software

    Environmental Management Software

    Pro-Sapien's Environmental Management Software (EMS) enables you to capture, track and report on your Environmental data straight from SharePoint.

  • Hazard Observations Software

    Hazard Observations Software

    Proactively reduce risk equipped with Pro-Sapien's EHS Hazard Observations software on SharePoint and Office 365.  The practice of reporting hazards or unsafe actions as they occur is essential in keeping workplaces as safe as they can be. Workers should be able to report hazards as soon and as easily as possible with user-friendly forms, and management should be able to respond immediately with preventative actions. Pro-Sapien's software for EHS...

  • Incident Management Software

    Incident Management Software

    Seamlessly capture, investigate and report on EHS incidents across the business. with Pro-Sapien's powerful Incident Management software on SharePoint & Office 365. Pro-Sapien's Incident Management Software enables you to capture, track and report on your EHS incidents data straight from SharePoint. Especially in mid- to high-risk industries, all EHS-related incidents must be recorded and learned from in order to prevent future recurrences....

  • Mobile Forms Software

    Mobile Forms Software

    Make it easy for workers to report from the field with SharePoint-integrated mobile forms for EHS, part of Pro-Sapien's EHS management software suite.

  • Quality Management Software

    Quality Management Software

    Provide visibility, consistency and accessibility across the business with Pro-Sapien's Quality Management software on SharePoint

  • Risk Assessment Software

    Risk Assessment Software

    Conduct Organizational and Job Safety Analysis risk assessments straight from SharePoint with Pro-Sapien.  Conduct risk assessments, load templates, and set review schedules straight from SharePoint with Pro-Sapien's Risk Assessment Software.