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ProAct Safety

ProAct Safety was created with the sole purpose of helping organizations achieve and sustain safety excellence. This focus has led the firm to become recognized as the world`s most successful provider of Safety Excellence Strategies. As advisors to those who desire to be among the best in safety throughout the world, we recognize sustainable excellence is never a one size fits all approach. There is no safety excellence silver bullet, nor magic pre-defined methodology. Experiences with over 2,000 unique projects in every major global industry, confirms that every group maintains different safety cultures, leadership styles, approaches to operational excellence, and history of past change successes and failures. We firmly believe the only path to sustainable safety cultures and performance, is a collaboratively defined one. We look forward to collaborating with you.

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Service provider
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Health and Safety
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Globally (various continents)
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History and Leadership

ProAct Safety, formerly IPTi, was founded in 1993 by Terry Mathis, an internationally recognized expert in the application of Safety Culture and Behavior-Based Safety strategies. ProAct Safety has successfully served clients throughout the world, including a wide range of industries from mining to manufacturing and from the private sector to the armed forces and government institutions.

ProAct Safety's meteoric rise to international prominence can be accredited to an unwavering commitment to its proven formula for successful implementations: Experience, Flexibility, Cost-Effectiveness, and Technology.

Firm Philosophy

ProAct Safety’s philosophy is centered on the following guiding principles:

Safety Excellence
We believe that safety improvement efforts fall into two categories:  basic safety and safety excellence.  Basic safety involves compliance and traditional programs and processes to ensure that the organization is addressing risks with high probabilities of occurrence and severity.  Organizations that have already mastered the basics start to plateau in their results and begin to explore other methods for further step changes to improving safety.  ProAct Safety is a resource for such organizations.  Partnering with ProAct Safety, many organizations have reached a new level of transformational safety excellence that was not possible with only the tools of basic safety.

The path towards sustainable safety excellence is a continuous journey and cannot be achieved by reactive approaches alone. Basic safety can be reactive; safety excellence cannot.  Often the tools that facilitate achieving “average in industry” results are not the same tools to ensure operational excellence, or industry leader status.

ProAct Safety has the highest level of experience with practical approaches to achieve and sustain safety excellence. Our 'street-smart' consultants instill understanding and acceptance at every hierarchical level in an organization, from upper management to hourly employees. To facilitate success, and minimize the perception of change, we monitor, adjust and customize the methods and strategies to meet the organization’s needs. To maximize and sustain results, ProAct Safety assists organizations’ to move beyond lagging indicators, towards adopting advanced approaches to measure and manage leading, comparative, and interactive safety measurements.

Jan L.A. van de Snepscheut said, “In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But, in practice, there is.”  All solutions must be practical to be implementable and sustainable.  We believe that knowledge of the workplace is as important as knowledge of the science and research.  ProAct Safety seeks solutions that are true to the research and to the workplace realities equally.

Consulting Model
ProAct Safety believes that all consulting projects should be based on the needs of the client, not the expertise of the consultant.  That expertise should transfer from the consultant to the client.  All projects should seek steps toward the goal rather than trying to step to perfection all at once. Short-term goals should be steps toward long-term goals.  This model is counter to the approach used by most consulting firms and has greater advantages to the client, as well as to the consultant.

Customized Solutions
Since organizations have unique safety issues, environments, and cultures, achieving and sustaining safety excellence requires customized solutions.  Off-the-shelf offerings can make a difference; however, they cannot achieve true excellence. ProAct Safety's comprehensive assessment enables our firm to understand your site's specific needs and build on its existing strengths. Methods and terminology should be modified to make the approach a logical extension of existing efforts in organizational development, quality, training, team building, and other initiatives. The end result is unique to the site and highly effective and sustainable.

Safety excellence is a long-term issue.  It is not enough to make a solution work.  You must also make it last.  Every solution must be fit for use by the organization and have a built-in mechanism for continuous improvement if it is going to last.  ProAct Safety’s projects and processes have a higher success and sustainability rate than those of other safety consulting firms.

Safety excellence has to mean more than just good business sense. There has to be an altruistic burning desire to provide people that you truly care about, with true excellence. We recognize that we are fortunate to be able to specialize in helping these passionate people and companies that are good in safety, become excellent. This creates a special pride in our work and passion for results that extends beyond the workplace that has engaged our firm. We view the goal of safety excellence as not solely about organizational metrics improvement, but keeping people safe and not at risk, wherever they are; and enabling them with the abilities to embed safety philosophies and values in the hearts and minds of their own family members. Safety Culture Excellence = Home, Work, Life.