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  • Equipment by PE

    In this section we are pleased to present the “Process Equipment by PE. This class refers to the process equipment we design and manufacture. The Process Equipment is the key factor to reach, the Process Efficiency, the Plant Efficiency. So far so that only a correct process equipment selection and design can allow the achievement of, high productivity, high yield, in the Industrial Plants where it is installed.

  • Helixor - Coarse Bubble Air Diffuser

    Helixor - Coarse Bubble Air Diffuser

    The Helixor Air Diffusers is a Static Diffusers for the AerobicTreatment of Wastes. Usually known as 'Air Bubbles Aerators', the Helixor are coarse bubble diffusers. Their use for the for the Biological Treatment of Waste Waters guarantee: the Oxygen Transfer, the Properly Mixing of the Basins , where the Helixor is applied, a Turbulent Flow, the Liquid Pumping.

  • Biogas Production and Mixing System

    Biogas Production and Mixing System

    The 'Bio-Gas Production & Mixing System by PE' is applied in the Primary and Secondary Digestion with the aim to produce Bio-Gas through the Anaerobic Digestion of the Sludge. Thanks to its properties, the Bio-Gas System by PE' performs: a continuous & controlled mixing of sludge, the uniformity of the digestion process inside the digesters, the uniformity of the temperature (T) of the sludge to be treated, the elimination of the thermal...

  • Jet-Helix - High Yield Medium-Fine Air Bubble Diffuser

    Jet-Helix - High Yield Medium-Fine Air Bubble Diffuser

    The Jet-Helix is an Air Static Diffuser for the Aerobic Treatment of Waste Waters and Discharged Flows. Provided with Air Bubbles, in comparison to other systems the Jet-Helix is an 'High Yield Medium-Fine Air Bubble Diffuser' that, applied in the same process and operative conditions of other diffusers, guarantees: The Highest Oxygen Transfer, the Highest Oxygen Efficiency, a Turbulent Flow,  both the Mixing & the Pumping of the Liquids, all...

  • PE - Pneumatic and Fluid-dynamic Barriers

    PE - Pneumatic and Fluid-dynamic Barriers

    The 'Barriers by PE' are Pneumatic and Fluid-dynamic Barriers designed, engineered and manufactured by P.E. Applying a simple concept - the treatment “in situ” - the 'Barriers by PE.' can be locally applied in all the water basins ( lakes, rivers, harbours, bays, see .. dams ) where it is necessary to: Have Delimited and Protected Areas, Contain the Zones where a possible pollution from pollutants may happen, delimit the Protected Zones...

  • Oxygenator - Diffuser of Oxygen (O2) and Ozone (O3)

    Oxygenator - Diffuser of Oxygen (O2) and Ozone (O3)

    The “Oxygenator by PE” is a Static Diffuser purposively designed to: Mixm, Transfer the Oxygen = O2, Ozone  = O3. Into: Process Liquids. Liquid Mixing of the Production Process. Colture Broth , also called “ Colture Soup”. Fluid Substances, Water and/or Similar Liquids.

  • Helier - Model 1 - 1, 5 - 4 - Random Packing

    Helier - Model 1 - 1, 5 - 4 - Random Packing

    The helier - Random Packing are Random Packing and permit to have High Transfer Specific that vary from 50 m2/m3 up to 280 m2/m3 , in function of the packing nominal diameter.

  • Jet-Mixing - Structured Static Mixers

    Jet-Mixing - Structured Static Mixers

    The Jet-Mixing is Structured Static Mixer, that use the ‘helier - Structured Packing’ to properly Mix the Process Fluids. Available in different Equivalent Diameters and in different Net Mixing Lengths, the Jet-Mixing Static Mixers apply the helier - Structured Packing of 1', 1.5' e 4' Nominal Diameter. Thanks to the Radial Mixingto the Inter-Flow Mixing (guaranteed by the use of the chosen packing) and to the geometric properties of their...

  • hSP - Helier Structured Packing Bed

    hSP - Helier Structured Packing Bed

    The ‘helier-Structured Packing’ has different diameters ( 1'' - 1,5'' - 4'' - 12' ). Geometrically they apply the synergy arising from the contemporary use of two “simple surfaces:the cylinder, the helix included inside. Thanks to this property and to their specific Diameter/Helix ratio , the ’helier – Structured Packing’ - hSP – have: High Specific Transfer Areas (from 80 m2/m3 up to 320 m2/m3), the lowest...