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  • PWTech - Model ES353 - Volute Dewatering Press

    PWTech - Model ES353 - Volute Dewatering Press

    This innovative sludge dewatering product offers many advantages over conventional sludge management methods. Originally developed in Japan, the Volute Dewatering Press is patented worldwide, with more than 650 installations. The key to the process is the unique dewatering drum design. This drum is able to achieve both thickening and pressing (dewatering) of the sludge in a single, compact operation. It can take sludge as dilute as 0.1% solids,...

  • PWTech - Volute Sludge Thickener

    PWTech - Volute Sludge Thickener

    The PWTech Volute Thickener is a fully-automated, virtually maintenance-free unit using the 'dewatering drum' design used for the Volute Dewatering Press. The Volute Thickener is perfect for automated sludge wasting from biological processes and thickening prior to storage, digestion, further dewatering, or transport, giving a solids output from 3% to 6%. The unit can be completely automated, uses very little power, and can be run over 30,000 hours...