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  • Other Recycling Equipment

  • Model 400 - Plastic Perforator Densifier

    Model 400 - Plastic Perforator Densifier

    Model 400 is designed to perforate and densify plastic bottles to aid in the ever increasing problems of storage, baling time, wear and tear on balers and will also increase bale density. This compact, fit anywhere machine can play several roles, it can be conveyor fed, mounted on platforms, over compactors or be placed on a stand and be hand fed. This machine is built to maintain a high level of performance. Jamming is prevented by a heavy duty...

  • Model 500 - Flattener Blower

    Model 500 - Flattener Blower

    Model 500 is designed to separate aluminum from steel and bi-metal cans, crush and blow aluminum cans into trailers, rolloffs, or any type of holding container. Machine is equipped with replaceable drum cleats, spring loaded crusher plate, casters for easy mobility, magnetic head pulley, and high efficiency blower.

  • Model PD25 Series - Hydraulic Dumper

    Model PD25 Series - Hydraulic Dumper

    Our container dumper provides a cost-effective, safe and ergonomic way of dumping materials out of boxes, gaylords, carts or hoppers. This heavy-duty low cost machine can be modified to dump most any width container.

  • Conveyors Sorting System

    Conveyors Sorting System

    Prodeva manufactures all types of conveying equipment, including infeed and discharge conveyors for all types of Recycling Equipment, Baler Infeed Conveyors, Sorting Conveyors, Magnetic Separators, or any type needed for a Recycling, Resource Recovery, or MRF operation. We will help you with the design of a facility, installation, and start-up if needed.