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  • Electrochlorination - MP Range

  • Prodose - Model MPS-025 - Electrochlorinator

    Prodose - Model MPS-025 - Electrochlorinator

    The MPS-025 Electrochlorinator utilises a soft water and a high quality salt dilution to generate Sodium Hypochlorite solution at a strength of 6 g/l (0.6%).  The system utilises a small Sodium Hypochlorite reservoir to allow the electrochlrorinator to produce sodium hypochlorite at a rate up to 25g / hr.

  • Prodose - Model MP Range - Electrochlorinator

    Prodose - Model MP Range - Electrochlorinator

    Available in three capacities 25 g/hr, 50 g/hr and 100 g/hr the MP electrochlorinators are wall mounted electrochlorinator capable of generating a sodium hypochlorite solution strength of 7 g/l. The system is operated via a Colour Touchscreen HMI which allows a high degree of system monitoring for the operator. The wall mounted compact system comprises: an electrolytic cell and hydrogen degassing column, a water flowmeter and...

  • Prodose - Model MPX Range - Electrochlorinator

    Prodose - Model MPX Range - Electrochlorinator

    Based on the MP Range format the MPX comes in two capacities; MPX-200 and MPX-400 which are capable of generating the equivalent of 200 g/hr and 400 g/hr of free chlorine. As per the MP Range the system offers a high degree of sophistication and process information via the touchscreen HMI, in a compact wall mounted assembly.

  • Electrochlorination - MPI Range

  • Prodose - Model MPI Series - Skid Mounted Systems

    Prodose - Model MPI Series - Skid Mounted Systems

    MPI Series are the high capacity systems supplied as skid mounted systems. Available in 5 capacities 600 g/h, 1200 g/h, 2400 g/hr, 5000 g/hr and 10,000 g/hr the systems offer uncompromising safety, reliability in a simple to install format.  Each MPI Systems comprises; a brine dilution system per electrolytic cell, an electrolytic cell, hydrogen degassing tank, sodium hypochlorite transfer pump, simplex electric water softener, a brine pump, and...

  • Other Products

  • Prodose - Chlorine Dioxide Generators

    Prodose - Chlorine Dioxide Generators

    Chlorine Dioxide is a yellow/brown coloured gas which is highly soluble in water and is a highly reactive oxidant. It is generated on site using propriety equipment. It is an effective disinfectant that can be used in process water treatment and food preparation systems such as fruit and vegetable washers. Unlike chlorine and chlorine based derivatives Chlorine Dioxide does not form THMs through the reaction with organics and is also effective across...

  • Prodose - Controllers

    Prodose - Controllers

    Instrumentation and controllers are fundamental to our ability to control water treatment processes. It is through the use of reliable and accurate instrumentation that monitors key parameters within the water that we are able to provide information back to the controllers that in turn govern the process.

  • Food Industry

  • Ampro - Electrochlorinator

    Ampro - Electrochlorinator

    Electrochlorination is the process of using salt, water and electricity to produce a low strength, low pH Sodium Hypochlorite solution directly on site.

  • Prodose - Chlorine Dioxide Systems

    Prodose - Chlorine Dioxide Systems

    All Chlorine Dioxide systems operate on the principle of acid-chlorite generation to produce a consistent chlorine dioxide solution. The base chemicals are mixed on site using highly controlled and measured technology to maintain the correct ratios. The chlorine dioxide is then either injected directly into the water to be treated or into a batch storage tank. In addition, batch tank storage also offers the option to use a single generator to treat...

  • Prodose - Precise Control System

    Prodose - Precise Control System

    Precise control of disinfection processes requires instrumentation capable of monitoring the chemical residual levels within the water. Having a residual of chlorine or chlorine dioxide ensures that there is a constant excess of disinfectant within the water system. Our instrumentation and control systems use highly calibrated, multi-probe technology to precisely monitor and report on specific residual levels in the water system. The system generated...