Product Recovery Management (PRM)

PRM is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of Pollution Control and other equipment, mainly focused on the Remediation and Landfill Industries. Our experience and talent are well diversified. PRM does not practice engineering. For the most part, PRMs client base consists of Engineering Consulting companies across North America. These companies provide the engineering specifications and certifications (seals and reviews) for the projects and PRM implements them. In certain cases, our clients may ask us to provide equipment that has Third Party Professional Engineer reviews and stamps. PRM always hires Third Party Engineers to perform these services as we are not a registered engineering company.

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200 20th Street , Butner , NC 27509 USA

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Business Type:
Original equipment manufacturer (OEM)
Industry Type:
Soil and Groundwater
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Product Recovery Management, Inc. (PRM) was founded in 1990 and is owned by Robert M. Phillips, Jr. (Mel), President and Brian J. Phillips, Vice President. The company was a subsidiary of Phillips Electric Co. of Durham, Inc. and was incorporated after the Phillips brothers purchased the company from their parents. What started as an electrical contracting business in 1976 has merged into a well established environmental remediation and landfill gas company with over 38 years of history and experience.

Phillips Electric Company of Durham, Inc. was incorporated by us Bob and Joyce Phillips in Oct 1977. PEC operated as a local electrical contracting firm specializing in residential and commercial wiring with Bob handling the actual electrical operation while I was responsible for secretarial. In the late 80′s, PEC was fortunate enough to not only wire service stations for a local Petroleum Marketer but also addressed the underground storage tank gas spill issues. PRM become a subsidiary of PEC after a huge gas spill was threatening a small creek bed near Hillsborough, NC. Product Recovery Management met the challenge and prevented a major contamination of the local drinking water. As time went on, PRM extended its services from NC to most all states in the United States. Now we have expanded to Canada, China and Saudi Arabia.

PRM is one of the nation’s only Equipment Integrators who is Third Party Certified to manufacture our Treatment Systems and Equipment to UL and NFPA standards. PRM provides equipment and services to the Remediation and Landfill Gas Industries. We also serve several niche industries with customized research and development solutions. Even though we are an International Company , we still provide our customers with a family operated state of the art expertise unmatched by any other company.

Product Recovery Management, Inc. represents Absolute Quality, Genuine Service, and Safety by Design in each of its products, people, systems, and services.
Absolute Quality
Our goal is provide environmental treatment equipment and products of utmost quality to our clients. This means using tried and tested parts and equipment, established and experienced business practices, and quality control process and performance for any product that leaves our shop. PRM will give you the best value for your investment, but will not sacrifice quality for any reason.

Genuine Service
If you are not satisfied, we are not satisfied. PRM utilizes continual process improvement in our client relationships. PRM started as and is still a family owned company, and we are proud that we can provide large company resourcefulness with small company individualism. We build customer relationships, not just sales, because we have a passion for environmental stewardship and for helping your business be successful, because when you succeed, we succeed.

We all have the same goal: clean air and clean water, regardless of how we go about accomplishing that goal. Many of our clients contact us for our extensive knowledge and expertise, even about systems or equipment we may not have built.

Safety by Design
PRM is committed to the safety of our employees, clients, and stakeholders. No matter what service we provide to our customers, our highest priority is the safety and welfare of our employees, customers, the public and the environment in which we all live and work. This requires that we be among the frontrunners in our industry on safety, both on the technical aspects and in safe operations. PRM goes above and beyond industry standards to ensure that safety is our top priority.

Our PRM Safety Culture
Prepare for the task ahead.
Recognize hazards that may be encountered.
Mitigate potential hazards through established safety practices.