Professional Engineering Consultants

Professional Engineering Consultants

Professional Engineering Consultants Provides comprehensive engineering services, including water and wastewater engineering across the full range of engineering disciplines for clients locally, regionally, and nationwide.

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303 South Topeka Avenue , Wichita , KS 67202 USA

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Engineering service provider
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Water and Wastewater - Water Consulting and Engineering
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Nationally (across the country)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Professional Engineering Consultants was founded in 1965. That's the same year the St. Louis Gateway Arch was completed and the mini skirt was introduced. Not that we're taking credit for either of those events.

Our roots are in downtown Wichita, KS, where our headquarters remain today. We like to be in the middle of things, and we've had a strong commitment to downtown development from the very beginning.

Our downtown urban roots are part of our vibe. We like it here.

Mad scientists are added
In 1973, we created our Allied Laboratories division, which added geotechnical engineering services, inspection
and testing to our engineering menu. If you want to know the exact contents of your asphalt mix, or how much stress those concrete slabs can take before they break -- they're your people.

Our home office has been at 303 S. Topeka since 1989, when we purchased and renovated the former Price Auto Service building.

Prior to our ownership, the building was best known for a catastrophic fire in 1947. We're happy to report that it has now been catastrophe-free for the 30-something years we've been here. And we've never tried to sell anyone a car.

But enough about ancient history
Today, we have Kansas offices in Topeka, Lawrence and Pittsburg, along with our Tulsa and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma locations.

In those offices are 230-some employees of all stripes. That's a lot of pocket protectors. We design all kinds of projects, from interstate interchanges for the Kansas Department of Transportation, to aircraft manufacturing and testing facilities, to water treatment systems that can make salty water drinkable.

And we must be pretty good at it, because our clients keep coming back.


Our clients benefit from decades of engineering experience and expertise, because our senior engineering staff has designed every type of project you can dream up. They've been around the block a few times (literally, if you're talking transportation engineering).

That means a better-designed project for you, your company, your city or your client.

PEC's resources are wide-ranging. We cover most engineering specialities. We also have a storehouse of knowledge, because our turnover is low and project experience for individual engineers is high.

Shorter lead time. Quicker answers. Bigger talent pool. Broader experience. Better project.

That's quite a difference.


PEC's people are dedicated to finding solutions for tough problems. We like fixing things. Making things work better, more efficiently, more effectively, less expensively, more productively.

We want to make the traffic flow smoothly. Deliver plentiful and pure water. We want to design a more productive factory. A more functional airport.

And we want to do it all sustainably. We have to live on this planet, too.

What do we value at PEC? Creative, workable designs that fulfill our clients' needs. We think it's important to preserve natural resources and protect the environment. And we think it should all be done without much fuss.

We value economy.
We believe that once you've been treated honestly and your project is completed successfully, you'll become more than just a PEC client. We'll have a relationship.

We value that most of all.