Prokop Invest, A.S.

Prokop Invest, A.S.

We are manufacturing and engineering company based in city of Pardubice with a history dating back to the 1870s. We are suppliers of technological lines for the storage and processing of agricultural commodities, animal feed mills, machines for food industry, animal waste processing plants and medical and municipal wasteprocessing plants. We focus on the delivery of special machines and preassure vessels for chemical and pertochemical industry, such as various types of dryers, reactors, mixers and filters.

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Dělnick√° 35 , Pardubice , Pardubice 533 01 Czech Republic
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Company's strengths are a strong team of engineers, designers and technologists who constantly develop machines and they are able to customize the technology according to your wishes and requirements. Our sales deparment is ready to take care of you from the moment of first contact throughout the life of the machine or technological line.

Our satisfied customers are leading Czech and Slovak companies operating in the food and chemical industry and waste management plants. Foreign customers are looking for us because of the reputation associated with durability and quality of our machines, so you can find the products with the trademark PROKOP worldwide. Important trade partners are companies from Germany, Poland, Norway, Brazil, Italy, Algeria, Egypt, Russian Federation, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, India and Nepal.

We have 170 employees and complex of our company covers an area of 9,000 square meters.

Continuing the long-term tradition of mill machines and equipments production in Pardubice the new company has been established that has taken over the sale assortment, know-how, trade mark and other activities of its predecessors. Thus the company follows the more than one-hundred-thirty years tradition in the production of mill machines and equipments, it ensures the complete assortment of locksmith services, machining and assembly works, with focus on the high precision and quality of performed work.

The material quality, parts production and observance of production methods are thoroughly checked during the operations. The company is also able to produce the parts, eventually whole machines or equipments according to the passed documentation. Based on the special production options the following professions and workplaces are mainly concerned:

Partition of material

  • profiles cutting,
  • plates cutting, 
  • cutting by circular saws, 
  • cutting by frame saw, 
  • burning ZINSER 150D x 3000 – steel, AI, stainless; thickness 0,8-100 mm.

Forming of material

  • bending and perforation by folding brake (I = 3000); 3151; thickness up to 10 mm,
  • plates rolling from Ø 80/1000/3,
  • plates rolling from Ø 220/2000/4,
  • profiles,
  • trepanation from Ø 160-1600,
  • signing and edging,
  • bordering of tubes from Ø 100 to Ø 300,
  • hydraulic tube bending up to Ø 60 mm,
  • pressing by eccentric presses up to 1600 kN,
  • including the stainless material forming.

Welding, soldering, burning

  • welding by sheathed electrode,
  • welding in protecting atmosphere - Ar+C02, Argon,
  • autogenous welding and soldering,
  • burning by manual plasm,
  • burning of tubes intersection up to 1=2000 (ZINSER),
  • point welding,
  • welding of plastics by hot air (Leister).