ProServe Egypt

ProServe Egypt

Proserve is established to meet the market needs of high standards of engineered services and products that improve equipment efficiency and reliability and reduce operating costs. Proserve is serving and extending its specialties to oil & gas industry (oil & gas plants, oil drilling rigs), power generation sector, water desalination plants, marine field, industrial and construction companies. Proserve scope of work includes engine, Gen Set, consultation, technical training, projects’ management, global maintenance and supply of unique equipments. Proserve is committed to provide its customers the best, fast, efficient, reliable and competitive services though our quality people & international principals & associated companies.

Company details

4 Mahmoud Shakir St. Smouha , Alexandria , 01217 Egypt
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Oil, Gas & Refineries
Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)
Year Founded:
$10,000,000 US - $100,000,000 US

All rotating equipments:

  Diesel & gas engines,
  AC & DC alternators
  Gas & air compressors,
  All types of pumps “centrifugal, reciprocating, etc”
  All types of power transmissions

Drilling Equipments:

  Rotary tables,
  Mud pumps
  Top drive
  Power swivel
  Crown block
  DC motors

Reverse Osmosis Equipments:

  High Pressure pumps
  Energy Recovery devices
  Pressure exchangers
  Electric motors
  Variable Frequency Drives “ VFD”
  Instrumentation & Control



Diesel Gen Sets:
  Proserve has a large fleet of diesel generators for rental with capacities
  varies from 50 to 1000 KVA in very good condition. Most of the
  generators are brand new and most of them are caterpillar made.

Gas  & Dual Fuel Gen Sets:
  Proserve can supply gas gen sets as per your request and this shall
  depend on the provided gas analysis, we have the
  shortest delivery time comparing with any other company. We can also
  supply these generators in sound proof canopy.

We deliver the generators with our experienced operators, we take care of all the operations & maintenance as well as spare parts needed through the rental period.

Proserve can also provide complete power generation turn key solution to supply power in terms of produced kWh.

Maintenance Engineering:

Proserve can assist you in creating a comprehensive maintenance management system through:

  Establish Maintenance Strategy & Tactics based on process operations mode
  Define process & equipments criticality.
  Establish Maintenance Policy.
  Generate maintenance standard O & M instructions.
  Implement CMMS.
  Operation & Maintenance Audit.
  Organizational Audit.
  Inventory Audit.

Reverse Osmosis Equipments Engineering:

  Engineering & design of any type of RO plants in view of its feed water analysis.
  Assess the current RO plant performance vs its original design and develop  
  necessary remedy actions to cover membranes, HPP, energy recovery system,
  pretreatment & post-treatment system.

  Study the current kWh consumption per produced cubic meter of permeate water
  and provide complete solution for power saving systems.

  Plant reengineering to in increase its capacity & improve water quality.

  Review plant operating cost in order to optimize the expenses and reduce
  produced cubic meter cost.

Water desalination “RO technique”

Proserve can assist our clients to establish a comprehensive O & M management program through:

  Generate a complete operations & maintenance manual.
  Establish an efficient maintenance program.
  Establish an efficient organization chart.
  Recruit & supply of O & M Staff.
  Review the plant feed water analysis and ensure that current pretreatment & post
  treatment system is adequate.
  Monitor and track the plant performance through regular recording of plant
  Provide supervision for the repair and overhauls for all RO equipments as needed
  Supervise all chemical cleaning as required.
  Manage the plant staff to ensure that the plant is working at the best professional
  practice and most cost effective manner.



Power Generation Management:

  Assist is proper Selection of power generation system.
  Installation & Start up.
  Establish a comprehensive maintenance management program.
  Close monitoring for hourly and daily parameters .
  Maintenance Instructions.
  Assist in troubleshooting.
  Assist in executions of top & major overhauls.
  Assess and evaluate parts reusability.
  Define max/ min Parts reordering level .
  Establish O & M KPI’s .
  Assist in monitoring and controlling of  your operating cost.
  Implement Scheduled Oil Sampling Program.
  Provide training for maintenance staff.
  Assist you to maximize your asset life cycle


We preserve the environment

One of Proserve objectives is to preserve the environment through water management “ water reuse & recycle, produced water treatment, zero discharge, etc.”,  converting of waste flare gas into energy “ Power generation, LPG recovery, etc.”, Energy saving by using energy recovery devices in water desalination sector, zero flaring in oil & gas sector”.


ProServe is a well-established stock holding company created under the law of investment authority No 83 in Egypt in 2006. ProServe is aimed to have an added value services through a wide range of innovative solutions and technologies for Oil & gas industry, Water Desalination& Treatmentsector, Power Generation plants. This is has been achieved through Proserve partnership with international firms in these fields in which we can supply high quality and unique equipment. Moreover Proserve has the know-how to maximize production, minimize costs, enhance sustainability and saves energy in power generation, water desalination and Oil & Gas projects.

Through these innovations Proserve is capable to preserve the environment by utilizing flare gas for power generation and LPG recovery which results in reducing emission, in addition through introducing new technology Proserve is able to treat waste water, produced water which reduces environmental impact. ProServe provides other services such as project management, engineering & consultation, training, maintenance & repair of rotating equipment and rental of gen sets& RO plants.