Providence Engineering and Environmental Group LLC (Providence) provides a full range of multidisciplinary engineering and environmental consulting services with the highest degree of professionalism. The name Providence, by definition, means “making provisions for the future”. Our name highlights the emphasis we place on the future and the roads that will take us there. We aim to provide for our clients long into the future, and accordingly, we maintain their best interests as our focus. Providence’s professionals value the relationships we develop with our clients and we think the results of our passion are evident in every deliverable we produce.

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1201 Main Street , Baton Rouge , Louisiana 70802 USA

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Business Type:
Engineering service provider
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Environmental - Environmental Management
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Nationally (across the country)

Providence is a multidisciplinary engineering and environmental services firm with offices in Louisiana, Texas, and California. Since formed in 2000, our work has taken us across the United States and beyond in support of our governmental and industrial clients’ goals and challenges. Today, we provide professional services in nine interrelated disciplines:

 Disaster Recovery
 Support Services

Our company name, by definition, means “making provisions for the future” — and this long-term, future-focused approach guides our work on every client project. Our engineers, scientists and staff collaborate to develop innovative, safe, cost-effective, sound solutions for clients across diverse industries. We believe our passion for performance is evident in the work we produce every day.

Providence’s unique company culture is the foundation of our strength, influencing everything from the people we hire to our project approach and our client relationships. It starts with our mission, vision, and values — each meant to inspire, motivate, and innovate. It lives and breathes with our team members, who bring their diverse social, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds as well as their different personalities and experiences to work every day. It continues in our encouragement of employees to not only grow professionally, but to also have fun while they do it.

Our Vision

Providing for the future…Our Clients, Our Employees, and Our Communities

Our Mission

Our mission is to focus on our clients’ best interests now and into the future. Our focus is sustained by employing the best people to provide the highest quality services with innovation and integrity.

Our Values

Our Clients - Our clients are our purpose.

Our clients are our business. We will:

  • Consistently deliver quality products and personalized service
  • Be experts at what we do
  • Build trust by being responsive and thorough
  • Be respectful of our clients’ time and investments
  • Minimize burdens, provide creative solutions, and help maintain our clients' positive reputations

Communication - Do what needs to be done and say what needs to be said. 

Active communication promotes trust and aids in sharing ideas and knowledge. We will:

  • Communicate openly, at an adequate frequency, with appropriate details
  • Seek the facts, not rely on the rumor mill
  • Trust our colleagues and share tools and innovative ideas
  • Customize interpersonal communications — appreciate different styles of receiving and processing information

Flexible Working Environment - Life is a juggling act — keep all the balls in the air.

We believe people perform better in a flexible working environment. Flexibility promotes:

  • The importance of teamwork and honoring your responsibilities
  • A healthy balance between our work and personal lives
  • The ability to participate in activities that reduce stress
  • Community involvement
  • A pleasant, fun work atmosphere

Growth - If you’re not growing, you’re dying.

Growth is fundamental for continued success. We foster growth by:

  • Employing stellar employees who pay attention to detail and align with our values
  • Working smart
  • Being responsibly aggressive
  • Recognizing the inherent need for professional growth and development 
  • Being an integral part of our clients’ teams

Safety - Safety is our business, too.

We are dedicated to providing a safe, healthy work environment for our clients, our employees, and our community. We make a commitment to safety by:

  • Providing a safe work environment that ensures compliance
  • Promoting a culture that emphasizes safety

Corporate Wellness -  Just for the Well of it!

We strongly value our people and encourage the nurturing of their health and wellness. We support company-wide wellness by: 

  • Adopting corporate wellness, fitness, and illness prevention as a core philosophy of business
  • Promoting and encouraging healthy living through education and activities