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PRS (Professional Reinforcement Solutions) Mediterranean (PRS-Med, PRS) is an engineering and technology company that provides solutions for infrastructure and transportation based on its PRS-Neoweb™ geocell. PRS is the exclusive developer and manufacturer of the PRS-Neoweb cellular confinement systems. We have the expertise and experience to support every stage of the project lifecycle, from planning through installation, with offices and subsidiaries as well as a global distributor network throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas for sales, marketing, design, delivery and training.

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Soil and Groundwater - Geotechnical
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Globally (various continents)
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PRS (Professional Reinforcement Solutions) Mediterranean (PRS-Med, PRS) is an engineering and technology company with innovative solutions for infrastructure, mining, energy exploration and the military based on the PRS-Neoweb geocell, the Tough-Cell cellular confinement system. PRS-Neoweb has been proven in challenging soil stabilization, soil reinforcement and erosion control in geotechnical engineering road engineering, civil engineering, environmental engineering and landscape architecture projects. The high-modulus PRS-Neoweb was designed to optimize geocell performance in: Roads & Rails - highways, RAP roads, low volume roads (access, service, haul), railways; Earth Stabilization - retaining walls; Slope Protection - slope stabilization and erosion control, channel protection and stormwater management; and Geomembrane Protection - reservoirs and landfills.

Geocells were invented by the US Army Corps of Engineers in the 1970’s. Called “sand-grids” they were used to improve soft subgrades to build temporary roads for heavy military vehicles. Subsequent civilian use of geocells began in the 1980’s, such as the HDPE based Geoweb® geocell from Presto Geosystems®. However, unlike their original use, geocells in the civilian market tended to be used for soil erosion control. HDPE geocells were only used in ground improvement for temporary or low volume roads due to concerns about progressive deformation and loss of strength over time.

PRS began its own path manufacturing its own PRS-Neoweb™ brand of geocells after 2004. At the same time PRS embarked on an intensive research program into cellular confinement technology in order to develop geocells suitable for use in modern highway construction. This required a geocell with the flexibility of HDPE but with the low creep and high-modulus of engineering thermoplastics.

The end result was the creation of a completely new generation of geocells based a Novel Polymeric Alloy called Neoloy®. Neoloy is created in multiple layers featuring dual strips around a high strength inner core layer for optimal performance. PRS-Neoweb geocells from Neoloy are specifically engineered for structural reinforcement in demanding applications such as the highway engineering, high retaining walls and heavy-duty roads, railways and ports.



  • PRS goal was to become the leader of geocell technology and geocell market
  • Proven geocell geometry + novel polymer material = new level of engineering performance


  • PRS knowledge base – for geocells, materials performance, standards, design
  • Patented materials, performance, manufacturing, technology


  • Extends use of geocells from traditional erosion control to long-term transportation engineering or erosion sediment control
  • Designed to withstand millions of dynamic cycles of heavy traffic and heavy loads of highways and railways
  • Extensive research and testing confirms performance


  • PRS solutions are example of sustainable construction method
  • PRS-Neoweb saves aggregate, reduces hauling and construction, and lowers pollution


  • PRS-Neoweb durability extends project design life
  • Reduces capital costs and long-term maintenance costs

PRS-Neoweb is the cellular confinement system (geocell) developed, manufactured and distributed by PRS Mediterranean Ltd.

PRS-Neoweb is used for cost-effective soil confinement, stabilization and reinforcement in a wide variety of civil engineering applications, such as base reinforcement of paved and unpaved roads, and earth stabilization of slopes and retaining walls.

Leading the industry with specialized geocells that enable cost-effective optimization for any type of project. PRS-Neoweb is the only geocell made from high-strength Neoloy novel polymeric alloy. The unique properties of this alloy enable a strong and stiff geocell with high durability to provide economic, sustainable and engineering value for every project.

Benefits of PRS


  • Improve infill modulus
  • Reduce layer/infill thickness
  • Distribute loads evenly and increase bearing capacity
  • Reliable long-term performance


  • Optimize project requirements vs. cost
  • Utilize low cost aggregate infill
  • Lower and all-weather construction costs
  • Increase lifespan and reduce repairs – long term savings


  • Use local, regional and recycled materials for infill
  • Reduce quarrying, hauling, earthmoving, pollution, footprint
  • Enhance vegetation, landscapes, green walls
  • Excellent drainage, filtering and protection from rain, runoff and stormwater

PRS earned its geotechnical expertise from actual field projects worldwide. Its Neoloy®-based PRS-Neoweb™ cellular confinement system was chosen by leading international energy, logging, and mining companies, as well as consultants and contractors, making PRS their “partner of choice”.

PRS product development has been directly influenced by our 15 years of customer relationships and being on-site in over 45 countries, working shoulder to shoulder with civil, environmental and geotechnical engineers, road designers, landscape architects and contractors. PRS-Neoweb offers an advanced “out of the box” sustainable and cost-effective alternative to conventional soil stabilization solutions. PRS-Neoweb performance has been proven in challenging environments – from scorching deserts to saturated peat bogs to frozen arctic tundra.

Today’s trend to use inferior, local or recycled materials and the growing need to develop marginal lands puts 3D cellular confinement systems with a long design-life in an environmental, engineering and economically vital position. PRS Mediterranean’s goal is to be the leading provider of long-term, sustainable high-strength geocell solutions for these ever increasing needs worldwide.

Value Proposition

PRS-Neoweb geocells from PRS are in a geosynthetic class of its own, with strength, durability and performance unmatched by any other geocell, geogrid or geotextile, No longer confined to problematic subgrades, PRS-Neoweb can be used for base reinforcement of all heavy-duty motorways and railways - for higher quality roads at lower costs.

PRS-Neoweb high strength geocells lower the construction footprint. Virgin aggregate use can be cut in half, while regional and recycled materials can be utilized for structural infill.  More importantly, the design-life of PRS-Neoweb matches the long-term requirements of civil engineering and sustainable development.

PRS-Neoweb saves time, money and resources during construction as well as over the project life-cycle. This enables transportation management professionals to reallocate maintenance budgets to the construction of new roads and infrastructure. The bottom line is that PRS-Neoweb provides a wealth of environmental, social and economic benefits in almost any project.

Benefits of PRS-Neoweb
  • Reinforce upper structural layers
  • Replace high-quality aggregate base with inexpensive local or recycled infill
  • Use for almost all load support projects to lower costs – independent of soil strength
  • Increase bearing capacity of any structural layer
  • Reduce pavement thickness or eliminate layers 
  • Best available practice for all types of problematic soils
  • Improve road lifespan and decrease maintenance
  • Reduce ballast attrition
  • Preserve track geometry
  • Extend surfacing cycles
  • Enable higher speeds and heavier loads
  • Prevent delays and downtime
  • Long-term slope stabilization
  • Mechanical anchoring
  • Stabilize soil mass
  • Facilitate vegetation and landscapes
  • Improve drainage
Retaining Walls
  • Seismic stability
  • Reduce footprint
  • Very cost-effective 
  • Replace formwork
Reservoirs / Landfills
  • Geomembrane protection
  • Contain all types of liquids and wastes
  • Reduce lining thickness
  • Long-term lifespan

As evidence of its industry leadership, PRS developed a new generation of advanced geocell technology in a multi-year cooperative research, development and testing program with academia leaders in the world of geosynthetics. This included significant efforts to understand, qualify and calibrate all the confinement and reinforcement principles of cellular confinement.

As a result of this research, the world’s most renowned geotechnical experts and researchers have published over 40 professional papers in the last 6 years with their findings, and PRS currently has 20 patents and patents pending for its geocell technology, polymeric alloys, and high-performance geosynthetics.

Research included plate loading box tests, moving wheel tests, and field demonstrations by international researchers, civil and geotechnical engineering faculties, industry research institutes and government transportation agencies in the US, Canada, Japan, Russia, England, Poland, Germany, Holland and India, among others, such as the US Strategic Highway Research Program 2 (SHRP 2) for long-term geosynthetic solutions a full scale in-track field evaluation of PRS-Neoweb™ in Amtrak (US National Railway) for the federal high speed rail R&D program.

Benefits of PRS


  • PRS in-house experts in polymer chemistry, highway engineering, railway engineering and geotechnical engineering.
  • PRS polymer chemists and civil engineers are at the forefront of polymeric alloy research 

Technology – R&D

  • Thought leadership demonstrated through R&D, standards, testing, patents, new products.
  • PRS invests a considerable part of its annual revenue to research & development and quality testing. 
  • PRS uses test procedures and in-situ field testing to evaluate the behavior of a composite system.

Customer Service

  • PRS prides itself on its comprehensive end-to-end customer support.
  • PRS geotechnical experts’ consult and design with client to maximize the performance of PRS-Neoweb. 
  • On-site installation training and supervision.

Quality Control and Quality Assurance

PRS is an engineering technology company devoted to cellular confinement systems with the largest and most advanced geocell manufacturing capacity in the world. In addition to ISO 9001:2008 certification for quality management of manufacturing and R&D and ISO 14001:2004 certification for environmental management, PRS maintains stringent quality assurance procedures and quality standards. PRS-Neoweb™ geocells fully comply with CE Marking standards meeting all relevant European Directives for construction products, factory production control and traceability.

Internationally Recognized

Neoloy-based PRS-Neoweb has been subject to in-situ testing and evaluation by leading researchers, universities, geotechnical institutes and government transportation agencies (road and rail) around the world, for example:

  • US State’s Departments Of Transportation (DOTs) from Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska and New York
  • Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) of the Department of Transportation (DOT), USA
  • KOAC-NPC road standards institute, Holland
  • Russian Standards Institute
  • RZD Russian National Railways
  • Indian Roads Congress
  • National Institute of Rural Engineering, Tsukuba, Japan
  • Approved for use by additional geosynthetics, road and rail authorities in the US, Europe, India, Middle East, Latin America and Africa