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  • Environmental Services

  • Geotechnical and Construction Related Soil Tests Services

    Geotechnical and Construction Related Soil Tests Services

    Our geotechnical and construction related testing capabilities round out the Physical Properties and Index Parameters category. Many analyses require undisturbed samples of 2” or 2-1/2' diameter or greater. Bulk or grab samples may suffice for other tests. PTS can work with core diameters of 1” diameter or less in many instances. Contact your PTS Laboratories customer service representative for more information and a testing fee summary.

  • Test Packages Services

    Test Packages Services

    A PTS Laboratories Test Package combines several basic analyses and/or index properties to provide an integrated data package. We can also create custom packages that satisfy all modeling and risk assessment parameters or meet regulatory agency requirements. Soil Properties Package - Vadose Zone (API RP40, ASTM D2216)Includes permeability to air (native-state, vertical or horizontal orientation), grain density, dry bulk density, total porosity,...

  • Special Core Analysis Services

    Special Core Analysis Services

    The following table lists our most popular advanced core analysis tests including Mobility and Risk-Based Parameters. PTS has the capability to perform many more tests and analyses than those listed.

  • Digital Photography

    Digital Photography

    PTS Laboratories operates a full-service photography lab experienced at providing visible and ultraviolet (UV) imaging for both print and digital photography. Our facilities are fully equipped with equipment customized for the display of images captured from soils, unconsolidated sediments and rock cores. Extreme care is taken to color match the actual core with digital images and prints. With over thirty years of experience creating accurate visual...

  • Sampling and Field Services

    Sampling and Field Services

    PTS Core Handling Technicians are experts at core handling and preservation. We have over thirty years experience handling soils, soft-sediments and unconsolidated materials. Our clients benefit from the superior level of professionalism, technical ability and performance provided. We have retrieved cores from all over the United States and world using our reliable custom equipment. This experience when combined with effective preservation and handling...