Pulsair Systems, Inc

Pulsair Systems, Inc

Pulsair industrial mixer systems was founded in 1983 by Richard E. Parks. Additionally Pulsair patented what is know today in the mixing world as large bubble mixing, compressed air mixing, compressed gas mixing, pulsed air mixing or other related description. They all describe the tank mixing process that Pulsair invented and proved worked to mix and blend high viscosity liquids and high solid liquids. This innovative and powerful `pulsed air technology is the mixing and blending of liquids using sequentially injected bursts or pulses of compressed air or gas. These pulses are released through a series of flat, round disks called accumulator plates that are secured to the tank bottom. By strategically locating the accumulator plates on the tank floor, virtually 100% of the tank`s liquid contents can be uniformly mixed.

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P. O. Box 562 , Bellevue , Washington 98009-0562 USA
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Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)
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For over 25-years, Pulsair Systems has custom engineered and built powerful pulse air mixing systems for any size tank, vessel or tank farm resulting in faster mixing times, lower production costs and increased efficiency for our customers. Pulsair offers a complete line of mixers for 55-gallon drum mixing, IBCs/tote mixers, rail tank car and large tank mixing. It is the versatility, durability and high quality mixing results of Pulsair's tank mixing systems that so many companies worldwide have come to rely on for their mixing, blending and agitation needs.

Pulsair's pulsed air mixing solutions are successfully used in many different applications such as petroleum, wastewater treatment, bio-diesel, asphalt, chemical mixing, food & wine, potable water storage tank, oil & gas production and much more. The tank mixing process is well suited for keeping heavy solids is suspension and mixing heavy viscous fluids.

The power and simplicity of bubble mixing, sequentially injecting compressed air (or any inert gas) beneath discs (accumulator plates) at the bottom of the tank, is the heart and genesis of PULSAIR Systems, Inc. The idea was developed by Richard E. Parks in 1979 as an effective method for brining salmon eggs without breaking them. While working on the challenges of mixing salmon eggs, Parks saw an opportunity to improve the way lubricants are blended.

Officially organized in 1987, PULSAIR Systems, Inc. has enjoyed many successes and a steady sales growth in the lubricant blending industry, with system sales to all of the major Fortune 100 petroleum companies. Continued success, growth and acceptance of the PULSAIR technology as a superior mixing solution has allowed the company to develop other industrial and municipal mixing applications. Subsequently, PULSAIR Systems, Inc. has successfully sold its technology in the pulp and paper, wastewater, nuclear waste, adhesives, paint and coatings, and food and beverage industries.

The Company was formally organized as a service company specialized in the engineering, manufacturing, sales and marketing of industrial mixing solutions. Pulsair Systems, Inc.'s purpose and supporting values have been to provide customers with superior products and services. The company has perpetuated and sustained high standards of service and product quality by recognizing, hiring and developing outstanding personnel throughout its field rep agency and home office. Pulsair's most prized assets are its customers, representatives and personnel.

Recognizing these assets, the company chooses to move forward only into those areas where it can contribute to the well being and betterment of its customers, field representatives and employees.

Customers achieve the PULSAIR advantage because of the company's organizational values, and the fact that the mixer has no moving parts, motors, pumps, seals or bearings that can fail inside the tank. Additionally, PULSAIR consumes a small amount of compressed air (or inert gas), and requires almost no annual maintenance.

The pulsed bubble's power source is the specific gravity of the liquid being mixed. An unlimited energy source, specific gravity is free and very powerful. Using PULSAIR, the liquid's mixing power will quickly involve the entire tank's liquid contents with a minimal amount of energy consumption.

We are committed to generating the highest standards of product and service, core values upon which our company was founded. We engage in business practices that benefit our customers, company representatives, vendors, friends and employees. We interact with others such that they are fulfilled and look forward to the opportunity of working together again.

Pulsair Systems designs custom and off the shelf efficient mixing systems for vessels, tanks, basins, totes, drum, rail car and more. Pulsair is able to create a circulation pattern in the tank by controlling the release of compressed air or gas.

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  • Mixes liquids in tank faster than conventional tank mixers
  • More energy efficient than air spargers and mechanical tank mixers
  • ZERO in-tank maintenance
  • Mix 100% of the tank with no baffles or dead zones
  • Mix at any liquid level for better tank utilization
  • Adjustable speed and power for maximum efficiency
  • Proven tank mixing technology with 30+ years of experience & thousands of installations
  • Custom engineered to fit any tank size, configuration or any number of tank