Pulsar Instruments Plc

Pulsar Instruments Plc

For over fifty years Pulsar Instruments has represented the gold standard in noise measurement. We have contributed significantly to the way noise, and in particular noise at work, is currently monitored, helping protect worker’s hearing and improving the quality of their lives and working environments. Our long-established brand has been trusted by health and safety practitioners for 50 years to deliver affordable, robust, accurate and easy to use Noise Measurement equipment. Our comprehensive range of Sound level meters, noise meters, personal noise dosimeters, noise warning signs and outdoor environmental noise monitoring kits are designed with busy health and safety professionals in mind. Our Noise Measurement Equipment monitors noise levels accurately, identifies locations where there are noise problems and/or employees who may be affected; they capture essential evidential data to avoid costly compensation claims for noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL).

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The Evron Centre, John Street , Filey , North Yorkshire YO14 9DW United Kingdom
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Noise and Vibration
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Globally (various continents)
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As noise measurement experts, we’ve been helping companies around the world meet their legal requirements for safeguarding their employees’ hearing for over 50 Years by providing affordable, robust, accurate and easy to use noise measurement devices.

Our comprehensive range of Sound level meters, noise meters, personal noise dosemeters, noise-activated warning signs, safety professional kits and outdoor monitoring kits are designed with busy health and safety practitioners in mind.

Our noise meters monitor noise levels accurately, identify locations where there is noise at work problem and employees who may be affected; and they capture essential evidential data to avoid costly civil compensation claims for noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL).

As well as selling and renting noise meters and other sound level meters, Pulsar Instruments works closely with several consultants, to provide comprehensive training to H&S professionals and to provide noise consultancy solutions. Since 2018 Pulsar has also expanded its product range to include Hand-Arm Vibration meters to help employers manage the risks of Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome in workers using power tools.

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A network of worldwide distributors

Our international distribution network covers all regions of the world and delivers the same first-class level of support you can expect from our UK team. You can find out who operates in your country here. Due to recent expansion, we are looking for new distributors, if you are interested please contact us.

Ongoing support

As noise measurement experts we provide on-going support for our customers in the form of face-to-face noise awareness training and guidance in the use and maintenance of their equipment.

Pulsar Instruments is responsible for all after sales advice, recalibration services and spare parts, and provides regular software updates as well as second-to-none ongoing, friendly support from its plant in the UK.

A Sound Investment

Our noise measurement devices require the minimum of training and we ensure the final process of transforming your measurement data into professional and informative reports is achieved at the click of a button with our easy to use software.

Our noise meters are manufactured in the UK and comply with the latest applicable legislation and standards. Read here to find out more about the IEC 61672:2013, the standard for sound level meters, and how it applies to your type of industry.

Noise Measurement Equipment Experts

Our customers have recognised us as noise at work regulation experts since 1969. We help companies take control of noisy workplaces and noise at work issues by providing the right noise measurement equipment, the right noise assessment advice and noise awareness training to provide the right noise consultancy solutions.

We offer the best value noise measurement equipment available to our customers. Our wide range of sound level meters, noise meters, personal noise dosimeters, noise activated warning signs, safety professional kits and outdoor monitoring kits are designed with the busy health and safety practitioner in mind.

Noise measurement experts since 1969

Pulsar Instruments Inc. was founded in 1969, in California, by a group of University researchers to produce a new linear scaled Sound Level Meter. This was to comply with the 1969 Walsh-Healey Act, which demanded that the noise in USA workplaces should be controlled. By 1977, technical difficulties were the trigger for a group of European engineers to buy into the company to give technical help. In 1980, the Scientific Measurements Inc. group, with headquarters in Delaware, bought Pulsar Instruments. While for legal and tax reasons, SMI kept its world headquarters in the USA it was majority owned by a group of European engineers.

In 1981, production and marketing were centralised at the main plant in the United Kingdom where Pulsar Instruments Ltd. started to specialise in easy to use but very accurate sound level meters, mainly for the USA, European and Pacific markets.

In 1998 a group of British and American design engineers, made an offer to take over Pulsar Instruments Inc., from the shareholders thereby taking over Pulsar Instruments Ltd. This was finalised on September 1st 1999 and Pulsar became independent again. Since then, Pulsar has become one of Europe's major producers with sales to over 50 countries with a strong balance sheet, no borrowings or other debt and a clear growth plan.

In 2003, Pulsar Instruments had grown so much that it became a PLC (Public Limited Company) with all the added controls and financial checks that the United Kingdom government demands of all PLCs.  This new status greatly increased the potential for sales to European government bodies and was a trigger for growth.  Pulsar Instruments PLC became only the third sound level meter company in the world to gain such status at this time.

Today, Pulsar Instruments continues to produce quality innovative noise measurement products to meet our customers' needs including a range of easy to use high-performance decibel meters (Pulsar Nova), noise dosemeters and noise-activated warning signs.

World firsts by Pulsar Instruments

  • In 1970 it was the first company to display sound exposure times on the scale of the sound level meter as well as the sound level – a revolutionary idea at the time.
  • It pioneered the use of integrated circuitry in place of discrete transistors
  • It was one of the first companies to include quasi-rms circuits to meet the international standards of the day
  • It designed the first instrument to be “styled” with coloured scales and fitted it into beautiful moulded cases – previously bent metal cases were commonplace.
  • In 1974 it developed the world’s first true linear scaled meter.
  • In 1977 it produced the first instrument designed for a world market meeting the new international standards of the time.
  • In the 1980’s it designed the world’s first Leq meter to meet the new international standard as well as a series of precision Class 1 sound meters
  • In 1982 Pulsar seconded their Chief Engineer, Dudley Wallis, to the International Standards body (IEC) and he, with three other British engineers, were responsible for much of the IEC's noise measurement standard IEC 61672.