Pure Solutions Corporation

Pure Solutions Corporation

PURE SOLUTIONS CORPORATION (PURE) is a full service environmental and industrial hygiene testing and consulting firm. We are confident of our ability to consistently deliver knowledgeable, courteous and reliable services, in conjunction with our client`s pressing and urgent environmental and construction-related issues. Whether our efforts involve Asbestos, Mold, Lead-Based Paint, Indoor Air Quality, Industrial Hygiene, Training or Laboratory analyses services, our expertise and knowledge of the situation is superior. Regardless of the endeavor, our focus remains the protection of the health and safety, while always maintaining the costs and regulatory liabilities of our clientele.

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501 Fifth Avenue - Ste. 1414 , New York , New York 10017 USA

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Consulting firm
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Regionally (various states or provinces)
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less than $1,000,000 US

PURE has combined an effective client protection and cost-saving concept to our efforts, while providing the highest quality service. We are confident in our ability to consistently reduce our clients' regulatory liabilities and overall contractor fees for their abatement and environmentally-related projects. Our response time to an emergeny situation is generally less than 2 hours for all areas of the tri-state region.  Asbestos, Mold and Lead-Based Paint testing and consulting services make up the largest portion of our endeavors, but we specialize in preparing abatement remediation technical abatement manuals, conducting fungal (mold), bacterial, indoor air quality (IAQ) and industrial hygiene audits and surveys.  We also provide environmental phase-one site assessments (PESAs) for property transfers; Phase II efforts, potable water testing; underground storage tank testing, closures and removals.  We prepare and provide your employees and staff with specialized technical training and mandatory regulatory training seminars, such as OSHA Employee Asbestos Awareness and Hazardous Communications (HazCom) Right-to-Know classes.

We have an extensive working relationship with several property management groups, construction companies, architectural firms and construction management groups within New York City and New York State. Our years of working relationships with the many governmental agencies overseeing regualtory compliance, have endured many changes.  Our exceptional knowledge of the changing regulations and our relationship with the members of those governing environmental regulatory agencies, lends great assurance to the coordination of a smooth-running, liability-free project.

Let PURE demonstrate our ability to provide you with cost-effective quality service, while promoting a reduction in your client liability.  Contact  us today to discuss any environmental, industrial hygiene or other construction-related issues you may have or to arrange a meeting to discuss your environmental needs.  We look forward to establishing a beneficial and trusting relationship with you and your staff.