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PUROXI Pure Water Global Inc. provides effective, customized solutions for water treatment, purification and conservation, with a family of natural products and unsurpassed expertise. Our products and services have proven very successful for agriculture, livestock; well water, ponds & lagoons. They are also ideally suited for residential; municipal, and commercial applications. We have been developing water treatment and purification products for many years, with a proprietary blend of ingredients, customized for your individual needs. We are constantly researching, improving, and adding new innovative products to our portfolio. We are especially passionate about preserving, conserving, and recycling our most precious resource - fresh drinking water - and are happy to offer our newest award-winning products and technologies.

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41600 Nicomen Island Trunk Rd. , Deroche , British Columbia V0M 1GO Canada

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)

Our international company provides efficient, economical, organically approved water treatment and purification products and services. PUROXI (OB) is made from premium grade naturally sourced ingredients; for residential, commercial, municipal, agriculture, crops, well water, dugouts, and much more.

PUROXI (OB) is highly effective in: cleaning water systems; eliminating the negative effects of chlorine, heavy metals, and other contaminants; helping to disinfect well-water systems. USDA organic approved. NSF quality product is also available.
PUROXI Pure Water provides the highest level of service and expertise in the industry and offers products and solutions with demonstrated proven results for over 15 years. We use only premium quality brand name products made to the highest standards and now also offer exceptionally innovative and eco-friendly products to purify and conserve your water. These award-winning products are recognized by many regulating & testing agencies.

Unique features of our company what makes us different

PUROXI (OB) is unique because of: increased efficiency in purifying, while keeping all the nutritional elements intact; protecting existing equipment; and not harming the environment in the process. Documented additional benefits resulting from using our products, further sets us apart from our competition.

Similar documentation is available for our unique Puralytics line of purification products and for our unique Instant-Off family of water saving products.

Our service is unique because of local representation with many of our Dealers already servicing clients with complementary products; local delivery, installation and evaluation; our dedication to customer service and proven track record with excellent references. We are able to differentiate ourselves in the market because of our expertise and effectiveness of our products once installed.

We pride ourselves in our expertise and knowledge, which is second to none and offer the best service and warranty in the industry. We help our Dealers in ongoing training & support. We maintain strong long-term relationships with all of our customers and are proud to be part of their success.

The principal is a CWTII Certified Water Specialist, endorsed by CWQA, AWWA and recognized by WQA (Water Quality Association).

We also have an expert panel of consultants; veterinarian, water physiologist, nutritionist; filtration expert, etc. This expertise enables us to:

  • accurately determine the unique challenges of each individual site
  • recommend the best solutions
  • provide greater value and more reliable service.

All of this results in an improved immune system, better overall health, reduced costs, and increased production and profits for our clients. Our products and services are especially effective in the residential, commercial, and agricultural sectors.

'If you want to just treat the symptom, you're just opposing the cause. You have to get to the cause to create harmony in livestock, people and plants. Every disease has some kind of mineral deficiency' - Gordy Jordahl

Company Mission Statement

We always give 110%!

We remain committed to consistently exceeding customer expectations by providing the best quality products, the quickest turnaround times, the best value, and unsurpassed service & care, with the most qualified experts and Dealers in the industry.

Company Vision Statement

We are dedicated to building long-term relationships with Dealers and clients through quality training, ongoing customer support. Our goal is to be recognized as one of the world's leaders in the Nutritional Water Purification Business.

We care about your future.

We pride ourselves in being an honest, transparent, and ethical company.

PUROXI core values are an integral part in every facet of our operation. We will always aspire to be a company comprised of:

  • integrity
  • sincerity
  • quality
  • honesty
  • professionalism
  • respect
  • courtesy

... with all those that we come into contact with and expect the same standards from our suppliers. We value our reputation and the responsibility with which we are entrusted by our customers, prospects, dealers, and suppliers.

Our code of ethics is interwoven with the Code of Ethics of CWQA. Please click here to view it.