Pureti Sustainable Solutions

Pureti Sustainable Solutions

PURETI breakthrough UV-PCO products are innovative, sustainable solutions to issues that stem from surfaces and fabrics. Headquartered in New York and manufactured in Michigan, our patented PURETI UV-PCO technology was developed through years of research and scientific breakthroughs. The end result is a family of products that greatly benefit the environment, while supplying the world with tangible, sustainable solutions to grime and bio-film buildup, poor air quality, and odor. Today, PURETI products are helping companies around the globe benefit the environments they do business in. From the world’s largest automaker, to one of America’s most successful vineyards, PURETI surface treatments are applicable throughout all industries.

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261 Fifth Avenue , New York , New York 10016 USA
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Manufacturing, Other
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Worldwide Leader in Sustainable Surface Treatments
Safe, sustainable, light activated PURETi UV-PCO technology is transforming the surfaces of the world into self-cleaning, air purifying materials that improve our health and benefit the environment. Water & energy conservation and significant reductions in air pollution will be the lasting legacy of PURETi patented technology for generations to come. Its tangible impact on business today will be realized through a massive reduction in maintenance costs and an industry-shaking differentiator in the marketplace. Integrate one of the world's most highly-evolved technologies into your products, facilities, and building projects today with PURETi surface treatments.

There are many far-reaching. immediate and long-term benefits that can be achieved from using PURETi advanced and patented UV-PCO technology, including:

  • Self-cleaning: Surfaces need to be cleaned half as often and cleaning is twice as easy when it’s done
  • Money Savings: Reduces cleaning maintenance costs by 50% and reduces the water, energy, chemicals and labor expended in cleaning.
  • Significantly improves indoor and outdoor air quality by continually eliminating VOCs and harmful green house gases such as methane and NOx.
  • Actively reduces levels of smog when applied to outdoor surfaces like cement and building facades.
  • Proactively removes any organic malodors from the including: tobacco smoke, fire damage, and human & agricultural waste.
  • Creates a super-hydrophilic surface, allowing water to sheet away
  • non-organic residue
  • Long-term efficacy of up to three years in some instances.
  • Only water-based photocatalytic surface treatment with NSF Indoor Advantage Gold Certifications.
  • Qualifies projects for LEED points
  • under the U.S. Green Building
  • Councils standards.