PuriTeam provides residential customers superior options for improving their water by offering whole house water filters, water softeners, point of use water filtration, such as KDF/Carbon, reverse osmosis water filtration and more. Also offer air filtration systems to improve indoor air quality at home.

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873 E Baltimore Pike #351 , Kennett Square , Pennsylvania 19348 USA

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Water and Wastewater
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Nationally (across the country)
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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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My name is Maria Williams and I am the President of PuriTeam.com. We recently changed our name from PuriTec to PuriTeam. 

I got involved with the company because I liked the products so much, I bought the company! It is my goal that every customer is happy with their purchase and raves about us to their friends.

Water is a fundamental and precious resource – and unfortunately, our water quality is only getting worse. It is my belief you must protect yourself and your family by taking your water's quality into your own hands. While the government and municipalities have good intentions to provide safe and clean water for all, their enforcement of the laws falls short. And if you have private well water, there is really no one looking out for your best interest. It's up to you to find solutions. We offer those solutions and help you through the process - at the best prices we possibly can.

We seek to inform and educate you about water filters and air filtration. We work with you to make sure you purchase the correct water filter system for your situation. We have a no-pressure approach to sales. If you feel good about us and our products, you buy from us. It's that simple.

And when you become a satisfied customer, please tell your friends. We find referrals are our best source of new customers. To show our appreciation, we offer a referral program for our customers who bring us new business.

And if you're not satisfied for any reason, call us and talk to us about it. We have a liberal guarantee policy to ensure the systems we've provided meet your needs.

Our goal at PuriTeam is to help you select the right filter for YOU andpurhome-x-1000-with-claude-best-whole-house-water-filter-copy.png your needs.  One size does not fit all when it comes to filtration. We work with you to make sure you purchase the correct water filter system for your situation. We have a no-pressure approach to sales. If you feel good about us and our products, you buy from us. It's that simple.

Since 1998, PuriTeam (formerly PuriTec) has served the needs of people who need serious water filtration. Those who have municipal water, well water, and those that just want healthy, clean water have turned to PuriTeam to help them choose just the right filtration system for their needs. They see the limitations of mass produced filters available at the mass retailers. While the initial cost may be lower, the ongoing costs and quality of those products prompts them to search out a better solution. They want a solution that will correct their water issues, providing them the most effective solution at a reasonable cost.

PuriTeam provides you with a customized filtration solution for YOU.

As we see it, the most important elements of water filtration are:
Getting the Right System for YOU – Water filtration is a bit like medicine, you wouldn’t take just any medicine for any ailment. You’d address your health issue with the right medicine. It’s like that with water filtration, too. We make sure you get the right system for your needs, nothing more and nothing less. It’s in our DNA to get you the best water filter for your situation!

Sizing Your System Correctly Getting the right size filter for your home size and your family size is key. You want to get a whole house water filter that will service your family with plenty of water pressure, one that will provide filtered water for a very long time, and provide you the most effective filtration for your situation. Our reputation is built around an exclusive sizing system proven by thousands (18,000 and counting) of satisfied customers.
Performance You need a system that will last and be effective for many years. One that will be effective for your water issues.  We know our systems perform well, because our proprietary systems are designed specifically to our exacting specifications. You won’t find our PurHome systems anywhere else. Don’t get fooled by imitators with lower costs and inferior products. We offer one of the only performance guarantees in the industry (see chart below).

Expertise You get the expertise of people who’ve been doing this a long time. You get the education and expertise you need to be confident you are making the right decision for you. Our real-world hands-on experience dealing with thousands of customers and thousands of systems in the field helps you with our expert advice and service.
Support After the Sale We are here for you. We answer our calls personally (no annoying buttons to press to talk to a person). You call us during our normal business hours and you get a real person. If there is a problem, we work with you tirelessly until it’s resolved.  We even transfer technical support to the new owners if you sell your home. Bottom line, we stand behind our products.