PuriTech Ltd

PuriTech Ltd

PuriTech was founded in 1996. From the outset our Company has specialised in providing process engineering, design, procurement and project management expertise to a diverse range of industries. We have focussed on liquid treatment installations incorporating ion exchange technology utilising our patented and revolutionary ION-IX system.

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Industriezone Dikberd 14 - Unit 10 A , Herentals , Antwerp B-2200 Belgium
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Water Filtration and Separation
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
1,000,000 - 10,000,000 €

ION-IX uses a single, multi-port distribution valve, creating a process system for continuous, countercurrent ion exchange. The patented valve distributes different flow streams to several resin cells and determines whether the resin is in an adsorption, regeneration or rinsing cycle.

PuriTech is an internationally respected separations technology company that operates in a competitive and growing market place worldwide. The company’s team of skilful and resourceful engineers has developed an ion exchange technology that surpasses that of its competitors on many levels — not only in functionality and performance, but also in ingenuity and sheer elegance.

Strong markets

Against a backdrop of strengthening markets and the growing potential of ion exchange, PuriTech developed ION-IX, its liquid adsorption separation technology.

Founded during 1996, the company’s aim was to build on and dramatically improve existing systems, particularly those based on continuous countercurrent ion exchange, and broaden the technology’s application base.

Assessed and analysed

The company assessed and analysed the operational characteristics, performance and the way in which ion exchange systems are used, and applied its findings to rethink ion exchange system design.

PuriTech started conducting pilot trials of ION-IX during 2001 when the technology was patented. Two years later it sold its first commercial system, which was installed and commissioned during 2003. Further orders followed quickly, as interest in this innovative technology continued to grow.

Innovative Technology

PuriTech’s ingenious continuous countercurrent ion exchange system is based on an innovative valve design. Targeted at a broad range of industries, ION-IX liquid adsorption separation technology improves liquid–resin contact efficiency while reducing plant operating costs and capital expenditure.

Versatile and cost-effective

The company undertakes feasibility studies ( using specially designed pilot plants ) and specializes in design, installation, commissioning, optimization and servicing.

Because ION-IX is versatile, cost-effective and broadly applicable in a range of industrial settings, PuriTech is able to design and develop a bespoke system or retrofitted unit. Based on the technology, it can build a compact system in which the ion exchange cells can be positioned in any desired pattern, providing maximum installation flexibility to suit a specific client’s needs. It can retrofit ION-IX to an existing ion exchange system, regardless of where the ion exchange cells are located.

Thoroughly tested

Each ion exchange system that is manufactured by PuriTech undergoes factory acceptance testing (FAT) before it is delivered to a customer's site.

FAT includes static pressure testing procedures and hydraulic tests. The software that is used to control the ION-IX system is also trialled and assessed at this stage to ensure that it operates correctly and meets all necessary requirements.

Clients are invited to attend the FAT, which gives them an opportunity see directly what is involved.


The applications for ion exchange have many forms, and these will undoubtedly increase as awareness of the technology continues to grow.

In addition, as an ever-increasing variety of polymers and other materials are created, the potential for producing new, useful ion exchange resins will also expand. This can only promote the use of ION-IX and consolidate PuriTech’s already strong position in the global separations market place.

Water treatment

A major application for ion exchange is the treatment of water for drinking, for commercial and industrial use, and wastewater treatment. Ion exchangers can soften water, deionize it and even be used in desalination. Recent developments and refinements in resin technologies make ion exchange one of the best and most complete forms of wastewater treatment available today.

The growing developmental accent on clean water is also creating enormous opportunities for the water treatment business worldwide, particularly in regions such as Asia and Africa. The order flow for ion exchange systems and resins has been growing steadily and long-term growth prospects appear to be bright.

The preparation of various acids, bases, salts and solutions is aided by ion exchange, and the recovery of valuable metals is also possible using resins. The use of ion exchange and adsorbent technology for the processing of food streams within the nutrition market place is well established, with a history stretching back decades. The food industry uses the process in a variety of ways, ranging from wine-making to sugar manufacture.

Positive outlook

In the context of this positive outlook, PuriTech is confident that plants based on ION-IX technology will displace fixed-bed units, and other countercurrent systems which are now in use, because they are more cost-effective and require a smaller investment. Since the installation of its first system PuriTech is experiencing tremendous growth as users around the world understand the benefits offered by using its technology.