PXL Industries

PXL Industries

PXL is a French Company with a staff of 25, acknowledged by its clients for the quality of its work and involvement of its teams. Pxl designs and installs sealing devices for systems with high technical issues such as the hydroelectricity sector. PXL ensures fast and reliable repairs on site with its patented MDway process. Already well implanted in Europe, PXL is the favored partner of major European manufacturers. PXL is currently adapting to meet increasing demand throughout the world.

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27, Rue De l’Industrie , Bellegarde-sur-Valserine , 01200 France

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Manufacturing, Other
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Globally (various continents)

Already well implanted in Europe, PXL is the favored partner of major European manufacturers.

PXL is currently adapting to meet increasing demand throughout the world.
With more than 30 years experience, PXL exports its know-how in 42 countries in the world and directs its action along 4 focuses:

Product Quality

PXL is dedicated to product perfection and client satisfaction, which is why we are ISO 9001:2008 certified. In addition, PXL has developed, and applied, an Internal Quality Charter to achieve the highest levels of production and finished product quality.

Unequalled Service

PXL’s philosophy is to bring our expertise, responsiveness, involvement, and commitment to each of our customers needs for design, production, quality, on-time deliveries and installation.

Innovative Designs and Products

PXL’s experience allows us to create effective solutions for most standard or custom applications. We can furnish innovative solutions for our customers in complex matters and techniques, such as on-site vulcanization molding (MD Way ™).

Environment-friendly Solutions

PXL focuses on an environmentally-friendly and sustainable model by anticipating risks of leaks, selecting environmentally friendly materials (e.g. biological oil), and continuously investing in research and development of environment-friendly materials and processes.


Expertise is one of the main added values offered by PXL. It guarantees success, as good expertise allows to consider all parameters related with the sealing, strength and wear of the seal. Expertise can be provided remotely or on-site for more safety.

Study and design

The study consists in validating the client specification (input data: dimensions, temperature, pressure, speed, fluid in contact, mechanical environment, application, fitting, movement, housing and offsetting). It also allows to offer a suitable sealing solution, by recommending profiles existing at PXL or creating a particular application requiring to design a new sealing system (profile or material or both). Our sealing systems are designed under 3D CAD software before being produced.


PXL products are certified ISO 9001 and submitted to a highly controlled internal manufacturing process.

To produce its seals, PXL uses materials which are proven, tracked, validated and developed specifically for its applications.
Workstation ergonomics are considered in product quality, to ensure each step in the manufacturing process allows to check the seal (quality/aspect traceability, dimensional check, etc.)

Because of the nature of its markets, PXL specializes in small and tailor-made series, our teams have an extensive background in producing strategic seals and customized profiles.

PXL’s production capacity also allows to produce large series on a same model, whether standard or specific.

The second specialty of PXL in terms of manufacturing is the production of one-piece junction-free large size seals, using a hot molding process without adding material


For shipping, the seals are packaged individually with suited protections. PXL provides clients with seal storage and mounting procedures. PXL also ensures delivery traceability, and according to the level of emergency, is mobilized to shorten your delivery times (Express shipping, parcel taxi or other)

Fitting sealing systems

Fitting on-site is a delicate operation requiring accuracy and know-how. PXL travels throughout the world to provide this service to our clients. This service is increasingly appreciated, even more so considering PXL holds the patent of the the MD WAY™ method allowing to change a seal on-site by vulcanization without material addition: the most reliable method available today.

Research and Development

PXL applies a permanent improvement and innovation policy. A broad part of our R&D resources are dedicated to several fields :

  • new processes, more reliable and more economical and faster
  • new and modernized profiles
  • more effective, durable and environment-friendly materials
  • new services

Our Activity

PXL, thanks to its expertise and service capacity, offers its clients to optimize the operation of their machinery thanks to sealing and protection systems, based on our own design.

Our purpose is to become a reference and preference company in its field by means of :

  • Presence broadened to Europe and the World
  • Acknowledgment based on expertise and service
  • Increasing business, demonstrating the « preference »


To reach these objectives, PXL has implemented an internal quality policy built around 4 axes :

  • Prospective and client listening are fully part of the process defined in the company
  • Expertise and service make up the main added values of PXL products
  • Responsiveness, presence and involvement to satisfy PXL clients in all situations
  • Permanent improvement of all its processes


  • Increase client listening through increased presence with the client and a proactive marketing approach
  • Increase responsiveness and service rate and reduce the number of non-compliances
  • Determine performance objectives of all processes in the quality–based management system and their control to ensure permanent improvement


Management commits to ensure all its means and resources indispensable to implementing this quality policy are scrupulously met. This involves :

  • Building awareness of teams in the principles listed below until their quasi-approval
  • Appropriateness of performance indicators
  • A quality process based on permanent evaluation and improvement.