PyroPure Ltd.

PyroPure Ltd. have developed and patented a thermal treatment method that destroys most forms of solid organic waste at the point where it is created. By eliminating the need for storage, collection and disposal, this waste management system offers cost saving, convenience and environmental sustainability compared to traditional waste collection and disposal.<br><br> The technology is an evolution of small scale pyrolysis (heating material in the absence of oxygen). All solid organic waste is reduced to ash and this is flushed into the sewage system. The patented technology has been trademarked PyroPure.

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Unit 58, Woolmer Trading Estate, Woolmer Way, Bordon , Hampshire , GU35 9QF United Kingdom

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Waste and Recycling
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Internationally (various countries)


PyroPure Ltd is a specialist waste technology company based in Bordon, Hampshire, UK, where its administration, research, development and testing facilities are located. The company is dedicated to the PyroPure product.

Manufacturing is contracted out to specialist companies in the UK.

There are 12 highly qualified and experienced staff including process, mechanical and electrical design engineers and a team responsible for installation, adaptation and testing of the PyroPure systems.

PyroPure limited has its origins in the medical equipment company, Morgan Automation, which has operated since the 1980’s and specialises in development and manufacture of the advanced Neurotherm pain relief system. The PyroPure concept was invented in the late 1990’s and in 2002 a separate company was set up to develop the technology under the name Morgan Everett Ltd which went on to win the Carbon Trust and E-Synergy low carbon technology entrepreneur award in 2007. The assets of this company, including staff, were transferred in July 2009 to PyroPure Ltd which has relocated to larger premises and has continued with the project through the development, testing and commercialisation of PyroPure PP5, incorporating further quality and energy efficiency improvements.