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  • QED - fGroundwater Sampling Tubing

    QED - fGroundwater Sampling Tubing

    Innovative, problem-solving tubing in the widest range of materials and sizes. Ground water sampling demands the highest standards in tubing quality, because the tubing presents so much contact area with the sample, and the contamination potential is significant. Tubing quality is even more important when used with dedicated sampling pumps, because the system integrity depends on strong, leak tight connections over the long term. Hardware store tubing...

  • Standard, Sealing, and Custom Wellcaps

    Standard, Sealing, and Custom Wellcaps

    Standard and custom wellcaps make every monitoring well easy to sample. QED's sampling caps are specially designed for ground water sampling needs, based on QED's decades of field experience. QED's sampling caps are not crudely modified plumbing fittings like many other options on the market. QED caps' advantages include ease of installation, durability and ease of use.

  • Model 3020 - Oil-Less Electric Compressor

    Model 3020 - Oil-Less Electric Compressor

    The 3020 Compressor is a useful option for low-flow sampling of wells at depths to 200 feet. It runs on a 12 volt DC electrical supply, and can be connected to your vehicle's battery with the supplied cables, or driven by a separate power source. At just 15x11x6-1/2' and 15 pounds, it offers an extremely convenient, portable pneumatic power choice for many sampling systems.