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  • Groundwater Remediation Pumping

  • AutoPump - Model AP4+ - Landfill and Remediation Pumping

    AutoPump - Model AP4+ - Landfill and Remediation Pumping

    The AP4+ was made easier to clean by using 3 bolts to attach the pump inlet and open up the pump. This is easier than having to rotate the inlet multiple turns to unthread it from the center tube inside the pump, especially under field conditions of silt, deposits and coatings. Removing the inlet is also aided by the new, precision ID pump casing, ensuring a more controlled fit. The new pump casing’s smoother internal surface has the added...

  • AutoPump - Air-Powered Remediation Pumps for Landfill Pumping

    AutoPump - Air-Powered Remediation Pumps for Landfill Pumping

    AutoPump Automatic Air-Powered Remediation and Leachate & Methane Condensate Pumps. QED’s AutoPumps originated the automatic air-powered pump concept in 1986 and has led the industry ever since. AutoPumps were designed specifically to handle difficult conditions reliably and safely, including hydrocarbon (LNAPL and dissolved phase) remediation, landfill leachate and methane condensate pumping, solvent (dissolved phase and DNAPL) cleanup,...

  • AutoPump - Model AP4 Ultra - High Temperature Specialty Pump

    AutoPump - Model AP4 Ultra - High Temperature Specialty Pump

    QED’s special AutoPump AP4 Ultra models are available to pump fluids up to 250 ºF, and are already proven in service. These high temperature pumps use the highly reliable AutoPump core design and proprietary Ultra non-stick finishes, but add specialized materials of construction to extend the upper temperature limit. The end result is a proven pump that delivers long-term durability and withstands high liquid temperatures. The exact model...

  • AutoPump - Model AP4+ - High Viscosity Specialty Pump

    AutoPump - Model AP4+ - High Viscosity Specialty Pump

    The AutoPump AP4+ High Viscosity Model is designed to pump thick, viscous liquids. Its air-powered operation is safe and dependable under conditions that challenge other pumps. While this pump is designed to pump viscous liquids up to 7,000 cSt, it is capable of delivering flow rates up to 6.4 gpm (24 Lpm) when pumping water or a liquid with a similar viscosity. The AP4+ High Viscosity AutoPump is complemented by the most comprehensive selection of...

  • AutoPump - Model AP4+ - Aggressive Fluids Specialty Pump

    AutoPump - Model AP4+ - Aggressive Fluids Specialty Pump

    The AutoPump AP4+ Aggressive Fluids Model features upgraded materials for many parts to further extend the service life of the pump and to broaden the range of conditions each model can be used in. All nonmetallic internal parts are PVDF*, a high-grade engineering plastic with higher strength at elevated temperatures and extremely broad chemical resistance, including acidic and oxidizing cleaning agents sometimes used for pump maintenance. The...

  • Automatic Double Diaphragm Pumping System

    Automatic Double Diaphragm Pumping System

    QED’s Quick-response Pumping Systems are easy to deploy, safe, reliable, and can handle challenging applications. The self-contained system includes a premium Graco air-operated double diaphragm pump, fluid level sensor, air flow control, air filtration bank, pressure regulator, and a bottom loading foot valve intake assembly.

  • TopDrive - Piston Pumps

    TopDrive - Piston Pumps

    This versatile system offers the most flexible pumping setup for every landfill and cleanup pumping need. Designed for reliable, high-performance pumping of almost any fluid under the most difficult operating conditions, TopDrive piston pumps allow for substantial flexibility in depth setting, drive and flow options. There are no down-well pneumatic lines or electric motors, and the mechanism provides an optimal blend of power, reliability and...

  • QED - Pneumatic Displacement Pump

    QED - Pneumatic Displacement Pump

    Cleanup well conditions can be downright hostile: powerful solvents, gasoline and fuel oil, strong acids, caustic bases, corrosive chlorides. That’s why QED makes the Pulse Pump series (our basic gas displacement pumps) in a variety of proven materials that won’t just survive, but will deliver years of trouble-free performance.

  • Torpedo - Sideslope Pump Systems

    Torpedo - Sideslope Pump Systems

    Unique bullet shape HDPE shroud provides a low coefficient of friction and allows the pump to slide easily over internal pipe obstacles. Pump shroud is constructed of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) for superior strength and durability (lifetime warranty on shroud). Teflon-fitted stainless steel pump end and stainless steel environmental motor withstand the most extreme conditions and chemicals. Complete with stainless steel pull cable and stainless...

  • Torpedo SlimJim - Pump Systems

    Torpedo SlimJim - Pump Systems

    Small diameter pump (4.5” outer housing diameter) is ideal for smaller diameter risers such as cleanouts, collapsed pipes or bent risers. Rounded end, heavy duty Torpedo shroud outperforms and outlasts stainless steel type housings. There are no shroud wheels to break and hamper pump removal. Constructed of special rugged duty pump materials, not standard duty water supply type.

  • Commander - Premium Control Panels

    Commander - Premium Control Panels

    Premium control panels are engineered to bring the most sophisticated, easy-interface control and system status display capabilities to the field. Next-generation panels provide numerous options for unparallelled on-site control of the pumping system, housed in a rugged enclosure engineered for safety and ease of maintenance.

  • Pump Pull E - Pump Extractor

    Pump Pull E - Pump Extractor

    Pull pumps faster from landfill and remediation wells to reduce downtime and increase productivity while protecting field personnel from injury. Removing pumps from landfill gas, leachate or groundwater remediation wells for cleaning or maintenance can be time-consuming, awkward and physically demanding. QED’s Pump Pull E™ Pump Extractor is designed to make pump retrieval faster and easier ensuring the safety of your field technicians and...

  • Model FLO-MAX - Flow Meter

    Model FLO-MAX - Flow Meter

    Accurate and Reliable Leachate Flow Measurement With Flo-Max. QED continues to provide better ways for the Landfill Gas industry to perform day to day operations. Knowing you have the right equipment for the job allows you to focus on productivity rather than troubleshooting equipment and recording inaccurate data. The FLO-MAX inline leachate flow meter uses turbine rotor technology with digital display to record both batch and cumulative liquid...