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  • Air-Powered Pumps for Landfill Pumping - Accessories

  • QED - Pump Cycle Counter

    QED - Pump Cycle Counter

    The Cycle Counter detects and displays each AutoPump cycle via the pulse of air that occurs in the air supply line. Since the liquid volume delivered by each pump cycle is relatively consistent for a given well condition, the total liquid volume delivered can be monitored with these cycle counts. An important advantage of the Cycle Counter method is its long term reliability and low maintenance, since it requires no contact with the pumped fluid and...

  • Hose and Tubing for Pneumatic Landfill & Remediation Pump

    Hose and Tubing for Pneumatic Landfill & Remediation Pump

    Down well or above ground, QED opens up new possibilities by adding a new high-temperature polymer tubing to the lineup of Nitrile hose and jacketed nylon tubing sets for airpowered pumps. With a maximum working temperature of 250° F (121° C) at 100 PSI, Red-Line Tubing will be a problemsolver at your most challenging job sites. High-temperature tubing sets have the same UV protection as QED’s high-flow and standard tubing, along with...

  • Vacuum Seal Well Cap

    Vacuum Seal Well Cap

    Vacuum seal well cap with brass quick connects, filter regulator and pump cycle counter. Hundreds of wellhead cap and flange combinations are available from QED on a standard and custom basis to fit site needs and ease installation and service. Common features include quick-connect fittings, sealing versions for use with vacuum extraction, well access ports for level or other uses, and means for adjusting the pump level. Our cap assemblies are based...

  • Easy Level - Liquid Level Indicator

    Easy Level - Liquid Level Indicator

    The new Easy Level Liquid Level Indicator makes it easy to see if the liquid level has exceeded the maximum level desired. The Easy Level (U.S. Patent Number 8,756,991) liquid level indicator is faster and easier than traditional liquid level measurement with portable tapes. If the liquid level rises above the chosen set point, the bright orange indicator will appear in the Easy Level’s clear dome top. If there is a pump in the well, the high...