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  • Air Strippers and VOC Removal

  • EZ-Tray - Air Strippers

    EZ-Tray - Air Strippers

    EZ-Tray® Air Strippers are sliding tray, stainless steel air strippers used to remove volatile organic compounds (VOC) from groundwater. As Groundwater enters through the top of the air strippers, millions of air bubbles are forced by the blower pressure up through the perforated trays, vigorously aerating the water to a froth and removing volatile contaminants (VOC) as gravity pulls the water down through each tray. This simple, revolutionary...

  • EZR - Tray Air Stripper

    EZR - Tray Air Stripper

    QED makes VOC removal even easier with the EZR Tray Air Stripper. The EZR Tray is a sliding tray, stainless steel air stripper ideal for removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and dissolved gases from contaminated groundwater and waste streams. The simplified, snap-together tray design is lighter and more cost effective than other designs. Featuring a patented water flow path design, the EZR Tray allows flow rates of up to 120 gallons per minute;...