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  • Groundwater Sampling

  • QED - Hose and Tubing

    QED - Hose and Tubing

    QED has the widest range of hose and tubing options for expansion of your pumping system. Over 25 years at thousands of sites, QED had developed a comprehensive range of accessory equipment to put together the precise system to match your project requirements - with many exclusive options available nowhere else.

  • QED - Snap Sampler

    QED - Snap Sampler

    The sample accuracy and precision surpasses that of no-purge sampling devices that can cause low VOC recovery and suffer from elevated sample turbidity that can bias sample results. There are two models of Snap Sampler modules – one holds the 40 mL VOA bottles and the other holds either a 125 mL or 350 mL plastic bottle. Up to six modules can be connected in any combination and deployed at the desired sampling depth within the well screen...