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  • Standard Dipmeter Water Level Measuring Instrument

    Standard Dipmeter Water Level Measuring Instrument

    The standard dipmeter is a water level measuring instrument designed for routine groundwater monitoring. Lightweight design, reliable and with a simple operation for use by drilling contractors, fruit and vegetable farmers, and people using it in landfill and remediation applications.

  • QED - Precision Quick-Change Orifice Plate Wellhead

    QED - Precision Quick-Change Orifice Plate Wellhead

    QED Quick-Change Orifice Plate wellheads combine easy orifice plate exchanges for accurate flow control and measurement over a broad flow range. The Quick-Change Orifice Plate feature makes it as easy as 1-2-3 for the operator to change to the most appropriate size plate for the given conditions. The accessible plate housing allows for easy confirmation of plate size and placement giving you the highest confidence in your flow reading.

  • QED - Precision Accu-Flo Wellhead

    QED - Precision Accu-Flo Wellhead

    Optimize LFG Control, Accuracy and Dependability with QED Accu-Flo Wellheads. QED Accu-Flo wellheads can help prevent landfill gas migration, emissions and subsurface fires. Landfill owners and operators will appreciate the Accu-Flo design that meets the special equirements of landfill gas recovery for environmental compliance and energy production. Easy installation and maintenance of the Accu-Flo wellheads help to maximize gas recovery while...