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  • Soil Sampling

  • QED - EasyDraw Syringe and PowerStop Handle Soil Sampler

    QED - EasyDraw Syringe and PowerStop Handle Soil Sampler

    A versatile soil sampling system that allows simple collection and field preservation per EPA SW-846 Method 5035A. EasyDraw is light weight, easy to use and quickly and correctly gathers and preserves soil samples. The Most Versatile, Disposable Soil Sampling System Available For Field Preservation. A Simple Solution for soil sampling as described in EPA SW-846 Method 5035A and many other methods.

  • QED - En Core Soil Sampler

    QED - En Core Soil Sampler

    The En Core® Sampler collects, stores and delivers soil samples...all within one easy-to-use device. The airtight sealing cap prevents the loss of volatiles as the En Core® Sampler becomes its own self-contained package. No chemicals are involved in the field. The En Core® Sampler, a disposable volumetric sampling device, was developed to assist field personnel in taking soil samples with minimal handling and maximum accuracy.