QIAGEN is the leading provider of sample and assay technologies. Sample technologies are used to isolate DNA, RNA and proteins from any biological sample. Assay technologies are then used to make specific target biomolecules, such as the DNA of a specific virus, visible for subsequent analysis. We also provide you with dedicated solutions for your environmental testing workflow. Detection, quantification, and identification of microbial pathogens are prerequisites for water and environmental quality and safety control. Molecular analytical methods, such as real-time PCR, are increasingly being employed for detection of pathogens due to the shortened time to result and their potential to increase sensitivity and specificity.

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Qiagen Straße 1 , Hilden , 40724 Germany
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Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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Over 1000


We have developed and market more than 500 consumable products and automated solutions. The company provides these products to molecular diagnostics laboratories, academic researchers, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and applied testing customers for purposes such as forensics, animal, environmental or food testing and pharmaceutical process control. QIAGEN's assay technologies include one of the broadest panels of molecular diagnostic tests available worldwide.

QIAGEN employs more than 3,600 people in over 35 locations worldwide.


As the innovative market and technology leader, QIAGEN creates sample and assay technologies that enable access to content from any biological sample.

Our mission is to enable our customers to achieve outstanding success and breakthroughs in life sciences, applied testing, pharma, and molecular diagnostics. We thereby make improvements in life possible.

Our commitment to the markets, customers, and patients we serve drives our innovation and leadership in all areas where our sample and assay technologies are required.

The exceptional talent, skill, and passion of our employees are key to QIAGEN’s excellence, success and value.

QIAGEN’s aim is to help people all over the world achieve a better quality of life on the basis of long-term, stable growth. That is why the company consistently follows a comprehensive sustainability policy based on making its products more environmentally friendly, creating healthy and rewarding jobs, as well as accepting social responsibility.

Environmental protection has been a key part of the company’s history since its foundation. With its technological innovations, QIAGEN has been a pioneer in the effort to eliminate harmful substances from molecular biology processes in laboratories all over the world. The company also tries to operate in the most environmentally friendly way by reducing energy and water consumption and by avoiding unnecessary packaging, waste and transport. QIAGEN opened Europe’s first “green” laboratory complex on its Hilden site in 2011. This is a state-of-the-art research facility which, like the production facility, has been awarded gold-level certification for sustainable construction by the internationally recognized US quality system LEED.

People are the key to success

The skills and commitment of QIAGEN’s 4,000-strong workforce are critical to the company’s success. QIAGEN has therefore set itself the goal of recruiting and retaining the best staff. QIAGEN’s human resources policy is based on performance-related pay, professional and personal development of employees, a good work/life balance and a vibrant corporate culture. The company is constantly striving to create a work environment that allows innovation and is characterized by values such as accountability, entrepreneurial decision-making and clear focus on goals.

QIAGEN’s salary structure is based on the belief that all employees should participate in the success of the company. The system encourages the workforce to assume responsibility and to focus on implementing the company’s strategic goals. Individual salaries are linked to the achievement of specific personal and broader goals that are redefined each year in line with the company strategy.

QIAGEN offers a full program of internal and external training opportunities to promote the personal and professional development of its employees. These include a special development program for potential executives and an internal MBA program. The training opportunities equip employees with essential personal, team and management skills.

In order to improve the work/life balance, the company offers a wide range of services to ease the domestic burden, child care, sabbaticals, and numerous sports and health opportunities. Most staff, with the exception of a small number of people working in areas such as production, can work flexible hours. QIAGEN is regarded as an employer of choice in the USA and Germany, as reflected in numerous accolades such as the Workplace Excellence Award and the title of Top Employer, which the company was repeatedly awarded.

Social responsibility

QIAGENcares is the name of one of the programs QIAGEN runs as part of its social responsibility activities. This enables the company to help in the fight against the spread of dangerous infectious diseases such as human papillomavirus (HPV) infections, the main cause of cervical cancer. Almost 500,000 women throughout the world are diagnosed with this disease each year, and around 270,000 of them die as a result. As part of the QIAGENcares program, QIAGEN donates over 1.5 million HPV tests so that women in developing and emerging countries can also have access to modern screening technologies for cervical cancer.

QIAGEN also works with public and private bodies dedicated to improving quality of life in emerging and developing countries. One example of this is the Point of Care Diagnostics initiative set up by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Grand Challenges Canada to develop portable diagnostic technologies for use in parts of the world with limited resources. QIAGEN is also supporting numerous scientific projects in areas such as the fight against genetic doping, research into the effects of radiation exposure in Chernobyl and Fukushima, and protection of endangered animal species in Latin America.