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Back in 1993, the founders of QMS pioneered a service that combined ISO consultancy and certification in a single, affordable process. Since then, we’ve developed our services to help organisations, like yours, implement a range of management systems and certifications. So far, we’ve helped clients in over 60 countries put in place over 20,000 management systems. Our consultants take a practical and pragmatic approach to developing management systems so that they work to your benefit. Over the years, this approach has helped us win numerous service awards. We are now one of the UK’s leading ISO certification bodies and look forward to working with you.

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Muspole Court, Muspole Street , Norwich , Norfolk NR3 1DJ United Kingdom

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Consulting firm
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Internationally (various countries)

Our values

Too many businesses feel hampered by complex systems, with document trails that simply confuse and frustrate. We believe in a ‘Keep it Simple’ approach which creates clear, straightforward ISO management systems that support your business. By reviewing our services continually, we ensure our processes always work efficiently for you.

Our 3-stage certification process removes a lot of the hassle typically associated with ISO Certification. We can write your Management System Manual for you and our certification process normally takes less than 45 days to complete – saving you time and money.

Benefits of working with QMS

Over the years QMS have received a number of prestigious awards for our services. Our Consultants employ a practical and pragmatic approach to management systems for the benefit of the organisations they work with and we aim to deliver management systems that are always easy to understanding and straightforward to implement.


Accreditation is a formal, third party means of assessing the technical competence and integrity of a Certification Body.

QMS operates two clearly divided departments as part of its operations: a consultancy department and an independent Certification and Auditing department. All relevant activities of QMS operate to the ISO 17021 : 2011 standard and QMS is accredited by the ASCB, a UK Accreditation Body which is respected for its integrity and impartiality throughout the World.

Utilising a quantitative evaluation of conformity to constantly monitor and assess the performance of its accredited members, ASCB also provides a high level of assurance to organisations that they are successfully assessed against the requirements of the Standards to which they are accredited.

ASCB is a member of the Global Accreditation Forum (GAF) which promotes the best practices in quality assurance, and operates with its own standards and procedures based on the needs of international accreditation. Any disputes between an accredited certification body and a registered organisation may always be referred to the GAF for review.

To date ASCB has accredited over 10 Certification bodies in the UK and over 90 certification bodies throughout the rest of the world.

Our partnership with Citation

Citation Holdings Limited is an established provider of business advice and support in the areas of HR, Employment Law, and Health and Safety. We have been working in partnership since 2015 to offer you a wider range of business improvement services. Our aim is to give Directors and Managers greater confidence in their processes,  and a reassurance that they are protecting their employees in the workplace.