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  • Model RGA-09MSH - Radiometer

    Model RGA-09MSH - Radiometer

    Radiometer designed to measure the volumetric activity of natural radioactive aerosols (subsidiary decay products of radon-222) and determine the equivalent of the equilibrium volume activity (EROA) of radon and thoron in the air. Has an explosion-proof design PB 1B Ia, confirmed by the relevant tests in IGTM NAN of Ukraine and MakNII. Registered in the state register of measuring devices approved for use in Ukraine at number U1254-00

  • Multi-Gas Detectors

    Multi-Gas Detectors

    Solutions for every application, from 1-gas to up to 7-gases at the same time. Very loud audible alarms, high visibility flashing and multi-colour visual alarms and vibration alarms are used to ensure that the worker is immediately alerted to gas hazards even in dark and noisy environments. Long sensor lifetime, low cost of ownership, ease of use and high quality.

  • Through Wall Radars

    Through Wall Radars

    Detecting movement of persons behind concrete walls as well as movement of persons which are buried behind obstacles, i.e. in building ruins, avalanche e.t.c. Small, handheld unit. Rugged. Extremely easy to use. Recently developed European product, CE marked. Successfully tested in the field.