QSX Instruments, Inc.

QSX Instruments, Inc.

QSX Instruments, Inc. developed the Quickshot XRF product line as a low-cost alternative to more expensive x-ray fluorescence systems. While many budgets for instrument and technology investments are limited, the Quickshot XRF line allows organizations to afford investments in XRF Technology that perform on par with the more expensive instruments and will increase the organizations value. The Quickshot XRF (QSX) instrument line has been developed by a Research and Development team comprised of individuals that each have over thirty years of experience working with x-ray fluorescence. The focus in instrument development was to offer users what they want – high performing systems that are simple to operate and low in cost. The initial product offering from Quickshot XRF focuses on two main applications; precious metal analysis and hazardous substance detection. Additional analyzers will be made available for a range of material analysis needs.

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628 Magnolia Road , Joppa , MD 21085 USA
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Monitoring and Testing
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

QSX Instruments Inc offers the Quickshot XRF Analyzer featuring solutions for gold testing and hazardous substance analysis.  Consider QSX For The Price...Choose QSX For The Performance Quickshot XRF.
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Understanding the growth of gold buy-back businesses and the continued interest in recovering precious metals through various resources, multiple analyzers are able to quickly and accurately determine precious metals content. After years of experience working with various brands of gold testers and precious metal analyzers, the QSX development team had the opportunity to develop a system that meets the needs of the industry – easy to use software for low-cost, compact units that provide fast, accurate and repeatable results.

Another use of x-ray fluorescence that continues to grow in demand is detection of hazardous substances. For this testing interest Quickshot XRF offers the Handheld XRF Analyzer (QSX-HH) with HS-Software Package. The system reads lead content and other hazardous substances (cadmium, mercury, etc) well below the parts-per-million (ppm) levels required by regulations such as CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) and RoHS (Restriction on Hazardous Substances).  A desktop analyzer (QSX-82D) was developed specifically for RoHS analysis of components and has been a top performer when spot size and report functions are critical.

While high performing instruments at a low-cost are a major focus to Quickshot XRF; equal focus is being placed on after-installation support. QSX has teamed with a leader in XRF Service and Support so that they will be able to offer the training and follow-up service that many organizations require.

We at Quickshot XRF look forward to working with you to provide the best solution to your testing needs. Contact QSX or check back often as we will be releasing new instruments and software packages for various applications in the near future.

Quickshot XRF: solutions for your testing needs

Experience, Knowledge and Vision......three factors that were key in developing the low-cost Quickshot XRF analyzer line from QSX Instruments.  Using over thirty years of experience in providing service and support of all x-ray fluorescence models, the development team had the knowledge of what XRF users need and had the vision to offer low-cost systems that were simple to navigate for precise results.

The Quickshot XRF line provides solutions to a variety of testing needs - hazardous substance testing to meet RoHS and CPSIA regulations, precious metal analysis for mining purposes or scrap jewelry buying, alloy verification for incoming quality control plus many other applications.  From desktop analyzers for in-house testing to our two portable XRF system for the mobile laboratory; we offer low-cost testing solutions to help solve your organizations testing needs economically.

QSX Instruments, Inc also provides the support and consultation that many organizations that aren't familiar with x-ray fluorescence technology require.  As noted by the application versatility, XRF is a technology that can meet many testing needs - with the proper Application Specialists and support team behind the user.

Originally developed as a measurement device, x-ray fluorescence has grown into a non-destructive testing solution for many more applications. Quickshot XRF analyzers offer a low-cost solution to a wide range of testing needs and some applications are detailed at this site. Not all of the application solutions are covered, so contact a Quickshot XRF Representative to discuss your testing need further.

Common Applications Include

Hazardous Substance Detection

Precious Metal Identification

  • we believe desktop analyzers to be more effective than handheld, but both are available
  • much faster than fire assay work and more accurate than other options
  • instruments for full precious metal identification or just for gold testing

Soil Testing / Geological Analysis

  • field portable x-ray fluorescence designed for identification of contaminents in soil
  • fast, in-situ or ex-situ identification of lead, copper, zinc, etc is possible
  • handheld xrf rental plans are available for short term testing needs (learn more)

Alloy and Steel Grade Verification

  • positive material identification
  • x-ray fluorescence handheld systems provide an on-the-spot verification tool

Applications Discussed in the XRF-BLOG

  • Toxics in Packaging:
    • regulations on levels of heavy metals in all packaging
  • Defective Drywall Testing (multiple entries; most recent here):
    • handheld xrf can detect strontium (Sr) and identify defective drywall