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  • STEP Systems

  • Model Vault 50 Inch - Filtered Pump

    Model Vault 50 Inch - Filtered Pump

    Hanging filtered pump vault installs into primary or pump tanks. Protects pump and disposal field from solids larger than 1/16”. All models available with 4 filter plates. Includes maintenance plate for servicing ease.

  • Decentralization Wastewater Treatment Systems

    Decentralization Wastewater Treatment Systems

    Installing complete decentralization wastewater treatment systems for entire developments is rapidly becoming the preferred method for wastewater treatment in the United States. The Quanics line of treatment and dispersal products have been designed and engineered to meet this growing need. The modular and expandable system may be utilized for development. From five lots to one hundred lots and beyond.

  • SYNERGY - Mobile Wastewater Treatment System

    SYNERGY - Mobile Wastewater Treatment System

    The SYNERGYTM System from Quanics Inc., is a revolutionary new mobile wastewater treatment system platform. The self-contained system combines the benefits of treatment, distribution, recirculation and disinfection into a single complete pre-engineered wastewater solution.