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  • Qi - VIA - Hybrid Solutions

    Qi - VIA - Hybrid Solutions

    Existing Sewerage Plants, It is not too uncommon for sewerage plants to find themselves “pushed” beyond capacity, increasingly overloaded as environmental demand expands. Discharge quality begins to suffer and eventually municipalities are forced into building new plants. The use of ElectroCoagulation changes that. The use of ElectroCoagulation (EC) and Vacuum Clarification (VC) units can help by increasing capacity and increasing quality....

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    The biggest impediment to INNOVATION is quite simply the fear of the unknown. We decided to meet that challenge by unconditionally vouching for the technologies we own, represent and employ. The best way to accomplish this was to design, construct, install, and operate water solutions for our clients where the client could have the benefit of the latest advancements to wastewater treatment without the undue risk. Provided at a set cost per gallon or...