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Quapus sa Srl

Quapus sa Srl

Quapus SA srl company commercial and marketing promoter of the Supreme’s line of products and services. We are active since late 70ies in the pressure water reticulation systems. A large number of various products have been developed, industrialized and sold at first with Alprene brand, after +GF+Alprene followed by +GF+TPA and finally as Supreme Aquaservice. State of the art is the brand Supreme Fitting which is the actual Supreme Fittings by Quapus SA srl with more than 40 years experience about technical and commercial matters related to products suitable for irrigation water reticulation and plumbing application. Our motto is the best and more efficient solution to combine performance, reliability, friendly use and money saving.

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Via F.lli Bandiera 4 , Villanova di Castenaso (BO) , 40055 Italy
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Water and Wastewater
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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We put at your disposal over 40 years experience in technical and commercial matters related toproducts suitablefor irrigation, potable water and plumbing applications .

Our products aremanufactured with innovativeand 'state of the art' technical features and benefit to grant top performances together with simple and fast installation procedures. Assembly and maintenance plant costs are reduced. All this comes together with a competitive and attractive commercial proposal for every item part of the offer.

We put our best attention to the specific customer's needs. Ourafterandbefore sales servicehas the target to secure maximum level of customer satisfaction. Our interest is to become a strategic profit centre for customers and users that will give confidence to our products.

Our main lines of products are:

  • PP Compression fittings made by PP raw material (Poseidon System)
  • Clamp saddles made by PP (Octopus System).
  • PVC pressure fittings and valves by Pimtas
  • PE100 Fittings for Electro and butt fusion applications
  • PP fittings and valves for micro irrigation applications together with PP threaded fittings
  • Nylon with fiberglass reinforced fittings and patented valves by Hansen

Further complementary lines are:

  • Electrofusion boxes and butt fusion machinery
  • Brass patented valves and fittings
  • Galvanized white cast iron fittings
  • Components for AG and residential irrigation plants
  • Components for terrace and small gardens irrigation plants
  • Out door and industrial cooling systems for private, public small surface applications. Project will be executed upon demand.
  • Small animals flyers chimical and laser protection

Where there is water there is the need of a Supreme product. They have been designed. Born and manifactured for :

  • Optimize the use and performances in water reticulation plants
  • Speed installation and simple product handling
  • Installation cost reduction
  • Handling plant reduction costs

All this comes together with a cost competitive proposal for every item that will be introduced.

After and before sales service are the topic of our mission whose targets are customer satisfaction and his economic benefit who is our products user. In short sentence that’s our proposal to the market !