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  • Q.Flow - Packaged System

    Q.Flow - Packaged System

    A packaged system of modular equipment that is ‘fit for purpose’and typically encompasses water separation, clarification and filtration processes for Produced Water and Acid Mine Drainage water re-use. However, these waters are complex and require a degree of ‘process engineering’ prior to packaging and deployment.

  • InfraSub - Model 500 - Modular Containerized System

    InfraSub - Model 500 - Modular Containerized System

    A modular containerised system that produces water to meet WHO standards. A move away from a CAPEX model to an OPEX / hire model focusing on service and supply. A system that focuses on providing a solution rather than diffusing a technology. A market focus on potable and Industrial / waste water. Targeting customers and projects that are built rapidly (less than one year) and focused upon supplying water to local demands (over one to three...