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Services by Waters Corporation

  • Instrument Services

    Instrument Services

    Be Assured. Choose Waters Global Services Waters Global Services focuses on optimizing Waters products with superior service, support, training, upgrades, and Waters Quality Parts®. Only the Waters Service team has the most in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of the advanced science and technologies that provide the foundation for Waters systems. This knowledge enables Waters to maximize system uptime, increase laboratory productivity, and help you...

  • Laboratory Analytics

    Laboratory Analytics

    Waters offers a range of laboratory analytics tools and services for Empower Chromatography Software users that help maximize laboratory resources for increased productivity and cost savings: Empower Driven Services – Provide unprecedented visibility into the utilization, efficiency, and financial implications of your laboratory’s instruments allowing you to identify new cost savings and efficiencies. Empower Driven Services 365 - Supplements the...

  • Informatics Professional Services

    Informatics Professional Services

    Waters® Laboratory Informatics solutions provide laboratories with a foundation for capturing, organizing, and storing scientific information. The end result: Easier data access, which facilitates compliance and aids in intellectual property administration. Our Enterprise Software Solutions team of highly trained, experienced software professionals has the skills and expertise necessary to make your informatics implementation a success. On average,...

  • Preparative OBD Columns Calculator

    Preparative OBD Columns Calculator

    These scale-up tools are designed to provide: Mass load scaling. Gradient scaling with appropriate flow rate scale-up and predicting volume consumption. Calculations for split flow ratios for those using mass spectrometer driven chromatography. Focused gradient UPLC to preparative method transfer.

Services by Diba Industries Inc.

  • Design Solutions Services

    Design Solutions Services

    Fluid Intelligence. Captured in this bold statement is the notion that Diba understands the fluid pathways in your instrument better than any other company in the world, perhaps even better than your own design team. Call on Diba’s application engineering team to help you design the ideal fluid handling system to meet your accuracy, performance and cost parameters. Rely on Diba to help you solve challenging problems with...

  • Molding Services

    Molding Services

    Diba’s expertise in molding precision polymer components means that your parts will fit and work as promised. Diba uses molding for high volume polymer components to complement the precision machining offered for lower volume parts.

  • Modules and Sub-assemblies Service

    Modules and Sub-assemblies Service

    Diba offers subassemblies and completed modules to meet growing OEM demand for higher level finished goods. For example, this could take the form of a heated probe assembly or a manifold with valves, pumps and tubings installed and tested.

  • Cleanroom Assembly Service

    Cleanroom Assembly Service

    Diba offers dust-free manufacturing and packaging done in a class 10,000 cleanroom. The cleanroom is hard wall, 20’ x 30’, ISO class 7 single pass cleanroom with dual 36″ pass-thru ports, and a 6’ x 8’ gowning room. It allows for 10 -15 people to work comfortably wearing gowns, caps, booties and gloves to maintain product cleanliness. Cleanrooms are not sterile (i.e., free of uncontrolled microbes) and more attention is...

  • Testing Services

    Testing Services

    Our Quality Management System dictates all orders are measured to meet print specifications, but additional testing is sometimes necessary.  Diba can test finished goods for mechanical, electrical or functional performance as required by our customers.