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  • Connectors - Battery Clamp

  • Quick - Crimp Connectors

    Quick - Crimp Connectors

    The Only Battery Connectors That Exceed SAE Standards, are UL/CSA Listed AND Made in North America.

  • Quick - Straight Clamp Connectors

    Quick - Straight Clamp Connectors

    Made of cast copper alloy, tin plated for added conductivity and corrosion resistance. 25 times better than SAE conductivity standard, J1811. Permanent, indelible, readable gauge, and polarity stamped on clamp. Quick Connectors are listed by UL® (UL® STD 486A) & CUL , when applied with Quick Cable Quick Crimp tools 4255, 4255M, 4255R & 4255MR (standard and ratchet versions). Fasteners included. Kits are available.

  • Fusion - Copper Cast Terminal Lugs

    Fusion - Copper Cast Terminal Lugs

    FUSION Connectors Come Ready-To-Use. Our Fusion Copper Cast Terminal Lugs change the game. You used to have to clean, flux, and add solder. Our Fusion products have the flux and solder built in so all you add is heat to get a strong, vibration and corrosion-resistant joint that's 70% stronger than a crimp connection.

  • Cable & Wire

  • Quick Cable - Bulk Cable & Wire

    Quick Cable - Bulk Cable & Wire

    Quick Cable is your best source for a wide variety of bulk cable to connect batteries and battery-driven accessories.  From basic battery cable to more flexible and easy-to-use welding cable, to cable designed for corrosive marine environments and other special applications, Quick Cable knows cable.  We also stock and ship a variety of wire products including primary wire in all popular gauges and colors, control cable, trailer wiring, and...

  • Quick Cable - Premade Cable

    Quick Cable - Premade Cable

    Quick Cable is your source for premade battery cables for almost every application you can think of, automotive, light trucks, RV's, golf carts, industrial equipment--you name it. Premade cables are the fast and easy answer to getting equipment back in service quickly.

  • Material Handling

  • Quick Cable - Leadhead Cable

    Quick Cable - Leadhead Cable

    Motive power/material handling equipment uses a variety of leadhead cable assemblies to connect batteries depending on application and load. Quick Cable stocks all popular leadhead cable styles and sizes, and because we manufacture them in our factory, we are able to ship stock items same day. The fact is, when you need a leadhead cable, you need it now.

  • Quick Cable - Intercell Connectors

    Quick Cable - Intercell Connectors

    Quick Cable intercell connectors are available in standard high capacity thickness (.30') and ultra capacity (.60'). Made from 3% antimonial lead, free from voids, and branded for quality assurance.