Quick Cable Corporation

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  • Engineering and Quality Assurance Services

    Engineering and Quality Assurance Services

    Superior products start with superior engineering. QuickCable’s experienced engineering staff uses the latest CAD and testing protocols to create products that are reliable, durable, and will perform to the standards you need, or to standards such as UL or SAE that are required.  If you need assistance with something that you’re working on, or if you have questions about the use or design of our products, our engineering people...

  • Customer Service and Support

    Customer Service and Support

    We understand that you need an efficient and effective procurement process, which is why we offer several ways to find product information and to place orders. Orders can be placed on our e-commerce site, by EDI, fax, voice or mail. With our fast reliable delivery, same-day for catalog products, you can reduce your inventory and improve your turns. Our cataloging, either in print or online, will help you find the right product for your job.