Qwater Well Developer (QWD)

Qwater Well Developer (QWD)

Qwater Well Developer (QWD)

Qwater Well Developer utilizes the surge block method and ball valve to develop wells faster and more effectively while maximizing the well yield and lowering water turbidity. Economically priced, the Environmental Qwater Well Developer tools are disposable after each well use to eliminate cross-well contamination. Qwater Well Developer is the only product on the market that will effectively develop a well and purge clays and silt all in one step. Quit destroying those expensive submersible pumps with harmful grit! The smaller Qwater Well Developers can be connected to a standard rigid 1/2-inch PVC or coiled polyethylene pipe to be used as a push rod and riser. Due to their size and weight, the larger Production Series Qwater Well Developers are meant to be used on a wireline, drill pipe or drill rod.

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History of the Well Developer

Frustrated with the methods available for small-diameter well development, Tom Kwader began building small-diameter surge blocks made from plywood and used truck tire inner tubes in the early 1980s in his garage. Many drillers and field technicians began asking Tom to build well developers for them after seeing how fast they worked to increase well yield and improved water clarity. A small spring-loaded check valve was originally added to the surge block and the well developer could then remove the clays and silts from the well by pumping through the drop pipe, eliminating the need to bail or pump the well while surging. A quarter-turn check valve was also added to the top of the drop pipe to keep the water in the well screen in low-producing formations for a longer development time before removing the slurry. 

In July 2002, Tom applied for a US Patent for this invention. He was granted Patent No. 6,868,904 on March 22, 2005. In early 2007, Geoprobe Systems assisted in producing the 2-inch prototype; and in the fall of 2007, the 1-inch prototype. It was clear that the prototypes were a huge success and a high demand for the well developers required the mass production of the tool, which began in the spring of 2008 for the 1-inch, 1.5-inch and 2-inch models. Another feature is the low cost which allows for the Qwater Well Developer to be disposed of after each use which prevents cross-contamination between monitoring wells. 

In the fall of 2009, a Production Series of well developers was introduced for water supply wells constructed with 4-inch and 6-inch well screens. A well developer for 8-inch well screens will be available in 2010. The Production Series of well developers has readily interchangeable parts that can be replaced if worn or damaged.

Finally, a quick, low-cost, effective way to develop small-diameter monitoring and production water wells. Currently, we have two lines of well development tools – Environmental Well Series (3/4-inch to 2-inch sizes) and Production Well Series (4-inch and 6-inch sizes).

Qwater is excited to introduce the US Patented Qwater Well Developer (QWD) tool (Patent No. 6,868,904). After years of testing, improving and trial marketing, we are now producing the best product available for well development.


Advantages of Surge Block Method

  • Most effective way to develop any well
  • Properly developed wells can produce 2 to 10 or more times the water than undeveloped or poorly developed wells
  • Only the surge block method backwashes the well screen, removing clay bridges
  • Surging produces more water with less color and turbidity
  • Properly developed wells save water sampling time by reaching stability quicker than turbid, poorly developed wells

Advantages of Qwater Well Developers

  • Flexible wiper seals the tool to the casing/screen and creates suction to pull water into the screen (a feature not available with other methods)
  • Constructed of environmentally inert materials
  • Ball valve prevents water from flowing back into the well and will not clog with sediments
  • Environmental Series Qwater Well Developers are capable of lifting water with ball valve over 50 feet
  • Production Series Qwater Well Developers are capable of lifting water with ball valve over 100 feet
  • One-person operation, which is fast and saves time
  • Environmental Series Qwater Well Developers are inexpensive and disposable after each use (prevents cross-well contamination)
  • Production Series Qwater Well Developers are reusable
  • Qwater Well Developers are shipped individually in sealed clear-plastic bags